JW Family...UPDATE! Please advise!

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  • DJ


    It's been my personal experience as a mom of two young children ages 12 and 6 that the jw teachings mean nothing to them if they are given the truth in the bible. It's so easy that a child can see through them. If you can't offer her truths for their false teachings then she may very well become a jw one day. I know that you are hurting but even a child can see who is loving and who is not. If you extend love and kindness to them, they won't quite know how to handle it....and I won't tell you that it is easy.....but it is better than harboring all of this anger and hate. Show them who understands" love thy neighbor "and "bless those who curse you" and "love your enemies." and "do good to those who hate you".Your little girl is watching you. They will lie and trick you and everything else under the sun, so of course don't trust them but remember that they are misled and doing everything that they can to win your child to their team. They are blind, misguided and naked and if you love your child and I know that you do.....show her who has love. She will see that one day and never forget. They will judge you, don't retaliate...it kills them to be loved. They cannot comprehend it! Start practicing biting your tongue now, cause you'll need it. love, dj

  • neverthere

    Hey Ghost, just to let you know I feel for you, though I don't have much advise in this matter except to consult a lawyer and perhaps Children's Aid, see what they say about emotional abuse. I myself had a hard time but just stopped letting access be convienient for me. That was 6 years ago, my ex tried once in those 6 years to see the kids, then stopped.

    I will keep you in my thoughts, please let us know what happens and good luck to you in this situation


  • shamus


    Good luck with contacting Alamb. I am hoping that things work out for you. I cannot imagine how you feel right now.


  • unbeliever

    How much visitation does he have? Will your daughter have to be exposed to your family all the time? If so, even if you lose in court (very likely) you will have documentation. The more documentation you have to prove that your sister is interfering the better chance you have at a later date to get something done. Usually the first round is lost but I would at least scare the $hit out of them by taking this matter to court.

  • Jayson

    Truth is we give the JW emotional terrorists to much power. People who are Dfted and shunned need to either play by the demigods rules or cut off contact. You can not reason with terrorists. They will not be ethical because they are immoral. Have you read "Crisis of Conscience" and "Releasing the Bonds." You should. The reason that JW's are afriad to read the books is that they don't want the truth they want to be right. They want to be God. Jehovah Witnesses will do what they can to interject themselves into you life. You can get counciling for you daughter and yourself. You can start to explain what a cult is and what mind control is. And more important what it is not. There are many people even here who can not accept that the Jehovah Witnesses are an evil cult. They don't want to say that because they were once in it. So they make up all kinds of excuses as to what causes them to be the way that they are. They are the way they are because they are evil. And that is the truth. To many people can't face their past so they do nothing to improve their future.

  • JT


  • Soledad

    I agree with DJ above, if you let your daughter know from the very beginning what the JW are really all about there's no way she'll be brought in by your family. As far as legally, you can perhaps bring up with an attorney or family court judge the various media expose on how Jws are harboring pedophiles within their organization. It just might work (remember there are over 20,000).

    Hugs! My thoughts are with you.

  • Francois

    Do you have sole custody? If you do, you've got more power in this situation than you think. Get before a judge. Tell him about the pedophile issue. Show him the Dateline tape if you've got it. Tell him about the ban on higher education. Tell him about the blood issue. Tell him everything. Ask for a termination of your ex's visitation rights, all he does is pass your child off to one of those dangerous JWs anyway, so why should he get visitation?

    See what I mean?


  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    I have joint custody, unfortunately. So he has liberal visitation.

    The stuff Alamb is sending me is so fascinating...and may be enough to make him realize that if he doesn't respect my wishes about my family, if I go to court he may be unable to take her to meetings again, period.

    Keep those thoughts and ideas coming...and thank you.


  • jillbedford

    I certainly can understand your concerns as my daughter has to go to "meetings" for her visitation as well. I have been divourced for some time now and my daughter has learned to think for herself and to stand up for herself.

    She even went to a meeting dresses "goth". I am so proud.

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