JW's that tried to Blackball my Hubby in work , since D/A

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  • Jim_TX


    Enjoyed your post. Tell Denny 'Hey' for me. I'm glad that things are working out for you guys.

    As for those jacka**es whut call themselves 'JWs'... they need to read their own 'bible'... sumthin about 'reapin whut they sow'?

    But they are so brainwashed that they will babble on about some sort of persecution or other... 'last days' ya know <rolls eyes>.

    No need to go on in that line of discussion.

    I didn't realize that Denny was in the dent removal business - I'll have to keep that in mind.

    Take care. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HUGS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    Jim TX

  • berylblue


    So glad things worked out but sorry for what you had to go through.


  • La-Bellamargarita

    I couldn't agree more with all that has been said regarding the work ethic of JWs. They are so full of their own importance and so sure that they and everything the say do and stand for is perfect that they never stop for a moment to think that it may be necessary to put a little effort into whatever it is they are doing. I know from personal experience that many of them are quite willing to ignore local byelaws in regard to building work etc. if they think they can get away with it. I, and others that I know have been stung more than once by them. What angers me the most is that they are such hypocrites, always ready to criticise "worldly ones", but will never accept criticism of a "brother"

    As one who has drifted away, as the saying goes, I can also relate to remarks made about who they will or won't associate with. It's okay to lie, cheat, commit adultry even steal," because after all we are all imperfect aren't we", but ask a question out of place at the Kingdom hall or try to get them to admit they have ever been wrong about anything, and suddenly you are a "bad associate". Being honest and upfront appears to be a cardinal sin for witnesses. Living in a dream world pretending that you don't notice the cracks is the order of the day for most of them!!!

  • undercover
    Witness business is bad business. The employees that I had were CRAPPY. Their work-ethic was CRAPPY, b/c I was a dub. I got ripped off $650.00 and couldn't take the weiner to court. Why? IT WOULD LOOK BAD FOR JEHOVAH'S ORGANIZATION. I was not the only person whom this guy ripped off.

    Looking at it from the employee perspective:

    When I was young, oh so many years ago, I did some part time work for JWs who owned their own businesses and my roommate at the time worked fulltime for more than one JW. I saw the shady, lying, cheating tactics used by some(not all) of these so-called brothers and made what has turned out to be a good decision; to never work for a witness. It's better to get a job in a real company, 1) you can use whatever legal means necessary if you're being cheated somehow 2) you don't have to look over your shoulder to see who's watching you and be nervous that you did somebody wrong and get hauled in front of the elders; and the most important reason(for me), you get paid what your worth. Witness business owners were notoriously cheap. They never paid what they should have. They felt they were doing you a favor by letting you work for them. One guy I worked for in construction was not bonded, no workman's comp, did not take out taxes, etc. It was a mess. I reitirate that not all were like that but there were enough that it left a impression on me and goes to show that "Jehovah's people" aren't any different than anyone else in the business world.

  • Reborn2002
    In fact there was a group of many of them who went out to dinner and the topic was all about JW's their shunning, double standards and lack of loyalty in the business. In the dent business so many of them have a code, if it hails in your town, you call me and if it hails in my town I will call you, and this has worked out good for everyone.

    A wonderful Reverse-Witness (TM)

    I am so very HAPPY that things are working out for both of you. What goes around comes around, and the Jehovah's Witnesses unacceptable practices appear to be coming back to haunt them.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

  • cruzanheart

    I love happy endings! Dede, I think this all worked out for the best, and I know you and Denny are dealing with a better class of people now.



  • wednesday


    a number of years ago i had a small business. I had to have surgery , so sub-contracted my main account out. The sis who took it stole my account and took me before the elders accusing me of all sorts of stuff. I had an elder defend me(counsel) and they let it go.. later i leanred that my former account, dummped her arse and accused her of all sorts of stuff. (and didn't that make me smile)

    There is a God or Karma .

    edited to add. i have known 2 brothers who have had a major bussness stolen form them. some still hire JWS, some will not. I would never work for jws b/c of their sorry work ethic and they are really cheap. They do act like they are doing u a favor. We know one bro who lost his bunsiness and he tells us that a good percentage of JC meetings are related to business.

    Glad u and denny are ok. Glad my hubby and do not work for jws or depend on them for work.

  • undercover

    Wow, Wednesday. Sounds like we may know some of the same people. Or is it just that commonplace among the witnesses?

  • Pistoff

    As a witness business owner:

    I have had cheaper than cheap sisters cheat me out of money, hold payments till way overdue and then trash me to their friends in the hall;

    Had an elder "exchange" work with me; he wanted to charge me retail, have me do it on the weekend and he wanted the "best price" he could get from me. The work his son did was shoddy and he was livid when I wanted it replaced.

    Had another elder buy from me, only to have him delay payment for 8 months and of course, can you charge your brother interest?

    I try to avoid selling anything to a witness these days; it is always trouble.

    Trained a brother who then moved away, then when he moved back into town interviewed with me only to go to work for my direct competitor; I found out from someone else first.

    Been told by my employees that they will NOT miss their assembly; I guess it is ok for me to miss mine and make a different one, huh?

    Been given ATTITUDE up the arse about working for churches, when it plainly is a conscience issue according to my local elders and that ridiculous QFR two years back. A back stabbing elder from another state called my elders about working in churches, lacking the courage to talk to me personally. My elders just shrugged and said it is really a conscience issue.

    As for working with DF'd ones: NO elder or body of elders will ever tell me who can work for me. I have kept people on who were df'd, and actually hired one who was being interviewed when df'd. The elders told me to my face that anyone who hires a df'd person has NO spiritual appreciation. I said they were welcome to their opinion. (I did remind them that to fire, or refuse to hire, on religious grounds is unethical and ILLEGAL.)

    Stupid cultish small minded controlling bastards.

  • Joyzabel

    "Stupid cultish small minded controlling bastards."

    lol, love it!!

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