Active witnesses? Please help?

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    Go on, zeb.

    Tell us.

  • lastmanstanding

    The op says “appreciate the unity in understanding“ at JW town.

    yes, they all believe falsehood in unison.

    how quaint.

  • Incognito
    they all believe falsehood in unison

    Or else ...

  • lastmanstanding

    Are the 8 boobs who run the tower being used by the Almighty God?

    That’s the question the op wants answered.

    Here’s another question that will certainly shed light on a answer.

    Would men who are being used by Almighty God so thoroughly betray all the sheep under their care by secretly affiliating with an institution that they had prior condemned and vilified for a century, as they did when they sent two “brothers” across town (NYC) to the office of the UN DPI to table “AWAKE” magazines that were printed for the specific purpose of advertising the UN and its principles???????

    One more question.

    Would God directed men persecute sheep who discover their rot?

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    Science has glossed over how consciousness and life entered the universe

    No they haven't.

    I'l accept the doctrines if I can prove the Governing Body is being led by God.

    Which ones? They change the most important understandings ever other year.

    Prophecies: I'm looking into this.

    There is 0 evidence the bible actually predicted anything - no proof at all. In fact, all the evidence shows that every prophecy was written WELL after.

    By the way - do you believe the bible when it said at a guy's Jackass started talking to him, and instead of running away scared shitless, he has an argument with it as if that sort of thing is normal? Reall??

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    Hello Ahava

    i hope you are still here. Please don’t rush into baptism despite any pressure you may get to do so. Once baptised if you change your mind there are massive consequences.

    go to JWFacts and do your research.

    I still believe in God and I was a witness for over 60 years. Do I believe the GB are from God, absolutely not! Do I think JWS are God’s one true religion? No.

    It sounds like you love the structure and friendship in the organization but this isn’t enough to make a life long commitment to something you are unsure of.

    please make sure you know what you are doing.

  • punkofnice

    Ahava - I'd be delighted if you respond here but......

    There is so much talk of the impending doom. I want to be sure and I want to believe but I feel like I'm running out of time. I think it comes down to these two decisions:
    • Get baptised with half a heart, I have enough appreciation and respect for what I've learned
    • Get baptised with conviction, which I'd like but I'm struggling.
    Advice on how to achieve the latter?
    Run away as fast as you can. This is not the religion you perhaps think it is. As has been said previously, research the older publications and you'll see how bonkers the JW corporation really is.

    LMS - Are the 8 boobs who run the tower being used by the Almighty God?

    Thanks for crystalising this.

    God probably doesn't exist. There is no demonstrable proof. The bible is made up fairy tales and nonsense.

    Run for your life!!
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