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  • Ahava

    I'm lost and a little sad. I actually like the JW faith. Some might call this faith cold, strict, dogmatic but they're just trying to follow rules and give back to God. I respect and appreciate the unity in understanding, how it runs and the things we are taught. My issue now is conviction for baptism.

    Creation: Science has glossed over how consciousness and life entered the universe, that's a pretty big thing to miss but everything has it's limits. Faith asserts that conditions needed for life to simply appear are so unlikely, that humans should be aware of this and begin to ask questions. Creation is something that I believe people can only speculate, including Science. We're going back to a time where our understanding of laws and physics begin to crumble. A field where Science admits, we are 95% in the dark about understanding of the universe and how it functions. I'm not saying Science is stupid or we shouldn't trust, but given these factors, how can you confidently push forward ideas and theories given these constraints? Speculation only.

    Doctrines: I'l accept the doctrines if I can prove the Governing Body is being led by God.

    Understanding of Scriptures: Jehovah's witnesses are so heavily theological as a faith. I usually agree with the things they explain. I'll accept the understanding if I can prove the Governing body is being led by God.

    Jesus: Isaiah prophesied about a Messiah. Historians acknowledge him. Sources acknowledge him but dispute the source of his powers and his intentions. He was not born into power but rose from a carpenter boy to the Son of God. His teachings and story now permeate various aspects of our society. How does a mere human create such a profound effect? Perhaps he staged it all (the miracles credited to him would be extremely hard to fake)

    Prophecies: I'm looking into this.

    Bible: Perhaps the bible is just written works. Human wisdom. Romanticized ideas of God, a messiah passed down lovingly from one generation to another until the inevitable conflict. This where I come to a crossroads, because that is my most logical explanation of the Bible. The bible contains wisdom, stories and prophecies. Wisdom comes from the old, wise and experienced. Stories are easy to tell. Prophecies are harder. So prophecies are where I've looked and the main issue is finding other sources to verify events...

    There is so much talk of the impending doom. I want to be sure and I want to believe but I feel like I'm running out of time. I think it comes down to these two decisions:

    • Get baptised with half a heart, I have enough appreciation and respect for what I've learned
    • Get baptised with conviction, which I'd like but I'm struggling.

    Advice on how to achieve the latter?

  • freddo


    Maybe start with Luke 21 v 8 and 2 Thessalonians 2 v 2.

    Do these two scriptures not show that JW's should not be constantly talking about impending doom all the time?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro


    Welcome! You will find that the majority of people here are either ex-JWs or are associated in some way with the faith but no longer believe. But, your taking pause before committing is a good idea. I like how you've come to the real heart of the matter. Is the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses really the sole spokesman of God and is the JW religion really God's earthly organization? If you find indisputable evidence of this, then obviously that's the way to go. If there is any doubt about it or actual evidence to the contrary, then you have your answer.

    I'm born-in, multi-generation and after taking a hard look at the religion of my youth and family, I decided that there is more evidence that they are not lead by God than that they are. Unfortunately, once you get baptized, in order to leave you have to put up with having all current members shun you. Perhaps you don't have close family in so it doesn't really matter, but many of us have the majority of our families in the religion so it makes it a tough choice.

    I found the site to be very well done and really eye opening.

  • galaxie

    Proving that the gb is led by god is i think the deciding factor for you. Firstly the gb do not want you to prove it ( that takes personal study / investigation ) the gb want you to accept it unconditionally or your rejected. As for following rules..who's rules ? Its the rules as laid down by the interpretation of the so called spirit led.,but not inspired gb?...once again think anything to the contrary and you will be rejected even although they can alter or completely change doctrine to suit themselves ( eg..generation teaching, faithfull slave etc)

    Science does not 'gloss over' consciousness or how life came about but endeavours to find answers without the fall back religious version of god done it after all if you accept that answer you're left with the problem of gods existence with no fall back position of god done it (unless you think there were other gods who brought the current god into existence and that's a never ending circle).



    You should definitely do some more research. Especially by reading the older publications and court cases ( Hayden Covington’s desire to kill all who don’t agree with current doctrine..), and by studying a Concordance.

    The religion is terrible. The doctrine, demonstrably false. Also, forced conformity is not unity, and purposely withholding information from congregants ( consumers...), so they won’t leave, ( Becoming disenfranchised), is immoral, unethical, and unforgivable.

    Then there’s all the child abuse....


  • steve2

    I'm lost and a little sad. I actually like the JW faith.

    Well contact your local JWs and study with them. Surely problem solved.

    I'm puzzled as to why you'd post your (naïve) defense of JW organization on an ex-JW support group website. Is it an oblique acknowledgement that all is not well in JWland?

  • Giordano

    Hi Ahava!

    I have given your comments some thought and decided to address your key issue....... getting Baptized or postponing it.

    You have been taught that your everlasting life depends on being baptized according to the Society. Many others say that Jesus' sacrifice is all anyone needs, obviously decent behavior goes a long way as well.

    I am going to share the Shepherding The Flock Book with you. This is published by the Watchtower Bible and Track Society and it is a somewhat secret book that many JW's don't know about . However if you Google the title it appears to not be a well kept secret.

    This is a book that was designed for Elders and spells out all kinds of do's and don'ts about what constitutes a sin and what you can be disfellowshiped for. Since this applies to Baptized JW's you should get acquainted with the rules and regs.

    As A baptized JW you will now answer to the Elders when it comes to your actions.

    You can find the section here on reasons to be Disfellowshiped:

    Scroll down until this section heading:

    Watchtower Reasons for Disfellowshipping

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome Ahava. If you'd like to read how JW doctrines actually oppose/lie about what the Bible says, PM me and I'll provide you with numerous examples of Bible versus literature teachings.

    As someone who was once a zealous JW, they convinced me 100% that the governing body of JW's is definitely not being directed God.

  • Ding

    According to WT teachings, Jesus inspected the organization's teachings and practices in 1919 and appointed its leadership as the "faithful and discreet slave."

    The GB's claim to be Jehovah's spokesman is based entirely on this supposed inspection and approval by Jesus at that time.

    I urge you to get a copy of the book they published right before that.

    It's called The Finished Mystery.

    Among other things, it teaches that Michael is the Pope and that Leviathan is the locomotive.

    No, they don't teach that today; in fact, I'm sure they would consider it to be heretical nonsense if it had been published by anyone else.

    They hope no one reads it; that's a good reason why everyone should read it.

    Please read it for yourself and decide if there is any way that Jesus could have considered the people who published it to be faithful and wise and feeding his sheep good spiritual food.

    If your answer is no, then the claim that Jehovah and Jesus have given authority to this organization is bogus.

  • Crazyguy

    I would highly suggest you study the Bible so many become a slave and have no idea what their slave too. Read all the false prophecies all the contradictions and then ask yourself what you believe.

    As far as baptism there is not scripture where it says baptism is a dedication to god it’s only for forgiveness of sins.

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