Paranormal Experiences

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  • mattnoel

    Has anyone ever had any experiences with Ghosts or that of the Paranormal world ?

    We think that we have a ghost in our house, nothing major just does little things at times, was just wondering if anyone has ever had anything happen to them ? or if you dont believe in ghosts, how do you explain what happens to people ?

    My other half's parents house was built on an old monastry and they have had and still have some Freaky things happen there i.e and old man sitting on the stairs etc

  • expatbrit

    Why is an old man sitting on the stairs freaky? Happens all the time in my parent's house.

    Expatbrit (pedantic nit-picker)

  • Sentinel

    I've had many experiences and have posted some of them in related areas in other discussions. I never doubt when someone says they "see or hear" things, or when unexplainable events occur.

    We live within certain dimensions, and we sometimes catch a glimpse of another. Likewise, those beings or energy forces, existing in their dimension, come through to ours. There is so much energy associated with the life force and that energy continues on and on. When a human being dies, the soul can linger around before departing into it's next experience. Usually the soul seeks the comfort of the familiar "human" and wants to be there; but many times I believe the "stranded soul" lingers outside and stays instead in familiar places, buildings, objects, etc. Eventually, that energy is transferred, otherwise the soul does not complete it's mission towards perfection. Perhaps there is some truth in a "stranded soul" needing a guide (of sorts) to get them back on track.

    And, yes, there is also always the opposite of the light, the good, and that is the dark side. We should always try to work toward good in our life, so that the dark and the bad that resides there, will not find a place to dwell in or around us. Good and evil exist side by side, but one who choses good, will progressly move forward. If lessons are not learned, we are doomed to live them again and again. Souls are not perfect and they can become damaged along the way. In their journey towards total perfection they can become infected with desires that are opposite those designed by the universal creators. Damaged souls infect the humans they dwell in. I believe there is such a thing as an evil soul, possibly damaged beyond redemption. This is the sinning soul that will eventually die an everlasting death. Humans are the objects which the souls live and travel in; they have a genuiene love for their host. Striving to live in tune with one's soul is something that we should work towards, as we will have good benefits.

    But for those infested with a totally evil soul, they are beyond saving. These are hateful humans that will never fit into society. They think and behave differently, and have no conscience.

    Just some of my own opinions here.

  • Sirona

    Nearly every person I know has had some sort of experience with a Ghost or Spirit.

    I've had many.

    They do exist and I don't believe its simply an hallucination or delusion. Don't get me wrong, I'd say 90% of so called ghosty experiences are probably exaggeration or hallucination, but there are some where it did happen and only the person experiencing it can really say.

    I have a personal way of measuring whether an experience is not as likely to have been hallucination

    1. If the experience takes place when a person is fully awake. Experiences when you have just woken or as part of dreams would need other verification since it is common to hallucinate whilst falling asleep or waking up. If you are fully awake and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol then the experience is more believable

    2. If the Spirit or event has been witnessed by a group. Group hallucination is not *that* likely provided they're not under the influence of drugs or altered states of consciousness.

    3. If the spirit communication gives information that the person experiencing could not have possibly known. (this one has happened to me!). You need to rule out possible subconscious access to the knowledge though.

    4. If the event has happened to different people at different times but the main components are the same. E.g. seeing a man on the stairs - different people saw it but didn't speak about it...then later they compare notes. (This happened to me with my sister. We both believed that as children we'd had a nightmare of a dark, red eyed man standing in our bedroom doorway. 20 years later we told each other and realised we'd not had a nightmare since BOTH of us saw it but just didn't tell anyone!)


  • rem

    So far there have been no confirmed cases of haunted houses. Many turn out to be squeaky floors, overactive imaginations, etc. and even mischevious children and outright fraud.

    Susan Blackmore was a parapsychologist who believed in ghosts, esp, etc. and was a 'ghostbuster'. In her book, In Search of the Light, she recounts her experiences of investigating haunted houses. She went from believer to unbleliever as she found time after time the 'hauntings' were nothing more than every day normal occurances or fraud.

    There are some other good books that discuss this subject too.

    I have experienced many things that people interpret as paranormal, but the more you learn about the brain and the way our memories work, you start to realize that it is extremely easy to fool yourself and even groups of people into interpreting an experience as something it was not. There are many documented cases of this done in controlled scientific experiments.


  • Dansk

    In the summer of 1978 I travelled from Manchester down to London by coach with my girlfriend (who is now my wife). Claire had to get to Heathrow Airport to catch a plane to Germany. I saw Claire off and then spent a couple of days with a friend, who still lives in London. Later, with return ticket in hand, I boarded the coach to take me back to Manchester. On the journey back I was l leaning against the window, looking out when, suddenly, a voice inside my head said :"Your mother's dead!"

    Now, my mum was in hospital at the time but was doing well and I berated myself for thinking such a thought. I arrived in Manchester and decided to call on my father for any news of mum. He told me that he'd visited her and she was doing well. I never related my experience and left for home. Apparently, I'd just disappeared from view of my father (I'd waved to him as he stood at his apartment window, the apartment being in a warden-controlled complex) when the warden, who'd also watched me leave, received a telephone call that mum was dead!

    I still don't know what to make of it. Coincidence? Premonition? Who knows?


  • mattnoel

    Dansk that is a cool story, I believe that there is some sort of maybe pshycic connection between close family members. When my Mum died, on the hour that she passed away me and my Sister looked at each other and we knew that it had happened,a little while later we recieved the news.

    If you think about it how many times have you been at work and thought "Oh I must just e mail my partner" as you do you get one from them ? or you call someone and they say they were just thinking of you ? I recently heard someone say that if you standing there, washing the dishes and someone pops into your head and you cant relate it to the dish or whatever, then call them and say "What did you want ?" listen to the suprise in their voice as they say "I was just about to call you/write a note to call you etc"

    This is really of interest to me so keep posting your stories. Thanks for the explanation Sentinel & Sirona makes a lot of sense.

  • rem
    I recently heard someone say that if you standing there, washing the dishes and someone pops into your head and you cant relate it to the dish or whatever, then call them and say "What did you want ?" listen to the suprise in their voice as they say "I was just about to call you/write a note to call you etc"

    I usually say that to people out of courtesy anyway, so maybe it's not such a good method of exploring psychic abilities.


  • hooberus

    I have talked to may people whom have experienced the supernatural. Experiences with ouija boards (which I consider to be a forbidden practice biblicaly) for example are too common I believe to dismiss as being simply psyhological in nature.

    Supernatural experiences are best expained I feel by the fact that humans have souls within them and that there really are angelic and demonic forces around us. Also the leading of the Holy Spirit is effective and powerful.

    These experiences should cause a person to consider how things such as the human soul , as well as other spirit entities both good and evil came into being. The Biblical accounts of God forming a mans soul within him as well as God creating things "invisible" as well as visible seem to me anyway to be the best explanation for these things. The Lord Jesus Christ is uncreated and the creator of all these things.

  • Warrigal

    Years ago when I lived on the Pacific coast I used to ride my horse in the evening along the beach. This particular night there was a fog bank coming in over the ocean and everything was so beautifully surreal that I rode along just appreciating what a great night this was.

    Tiger, my quarter horse gelding was stepping right along with his running walk when he threw his head up and acted like there was something behind him. I didn't hear or see anything at that time and figured a sea bird had passed behind us.

    He began acting more agitated until he was actually rearing and plunging...very skittish behavior for a horse who had been ridden at night many times. Then I heard the hoofbeats coming up behind us.

    Whoever was riding was pushing his horse way too fast for the conditions. He was gaining on us fast. I pulled Tiger toward the cliff to give the other horse room to get by and when he whooshed past us I saw...absolutely nothing. Both Tiger and I could hear the hoofbeats pass us and continue down the beach. The return to the stable was accompanied by chills and concern for this runaway rider.

    The stable manager was there when we got back and I told him of my experience. This is his story:

    During World War 2 the stables had been part of a barracks where young military men (Navy or Coast Guard) were quartered. There job was to patrol the beach on horseback looking for signs of submarines or mines washed up on shore. They carried bulky crank type radios that they used to report in. One night a young sailor rode out on his patrol on a night very much like this night. He tried to call in at the limit of his range and his radio was nothing but static. He turned his horse toward the stables and began galloping back to make his report.

    When he didn't arrive they sent a search party to look for him and found him and his horse shortly after dawn. He had thrown down the malfunctioning radio and was racing back to make a report when his horse stumbled and went down. The young sailor was thrown and broke his neck. His horse was destroyed with a broken leg. No one knows what he saw that caused him to race back to the barracks at such speed.

    This is the only case I have been associated with where an animal actually heard and reacted to the presence of a ghost. I also learned from the stable master that other riders had heard the ghost horse and rider pass on nights when they were riding. Personally, I never want to repeat that experience.

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