2017 Yearbook released

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  • bohm

    berrygerry: There are a few issues with your table. Check out the Japan figures as an example.

  • wifibandit

    2017 Yearbook has been added to my archive of Yearbooks and related spreadsheets.

    Chart: Partakers since 2000

  • krismalone

    Special Pioneers were cut worldwide. Only oldtimers remain. This explains the 10% reduction in expenses.

    Just in Mexico and Central America alone, 1,200 special pioneers were given the pink slip last year.

    Gilead doesn't produce new missionaries or special pioneers. They just send those already in special full time service.

  • slimboyfat

    That's an amazing reduction in special pioneers. I wonder if it will contribute to future decline.

    Psychologically it's difficult to motivate to do something for free when you had been paid previously. Theoretically former missionaries and special pioneers should be super loyal. But for at least some it must feel more like the loss of a job, and they may simply choose to move on.

    It may take a few years, but I reckon a large proportion of former bethelites, missionaries and special pioneers will "drift away" from JWs as they adjust to fending for themselves.

  • OrphanCrow
    breakfastofchampions: Looks like 0% growth for the USA. I believe this is a first!

    The org took a hit in two years following the '75 fiasco

    The USA saw a 3% decrease in 1977 and another 3% decrease in 1978

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    The org took a hit in two years following the '75 fiasco
    The USA saw a 3% decrease in 1977 and another 3% decrease in 1978

    Ah, so it is the worst since the '75 debacle. . . . . I'll take it!

  • ScenicViewer

    Slimboyfat: There is the component of commitment and enthusiasm to consider.

    I think this speaks volumes, and leads to another component of measuring true growth or decline, but unfortunately it's something we can't measure because Watchtower won't disclose it.

    Donation money.

    If there is zero growth, or even a decline, in many advanced countries, there must be some who are still for various reasons but not committed, whose donations have declined along with their enthusiasm.

    Donations are likely declining much more than the number of people, which would be a major problem for Watchtower.

  • OrphanCrow

    Well. I'm disappointed.

    Page 30 - Legal Matters.

    Not one mention of the legal issues concerning child sex abuse victims.

    Huh. Knock me over with a feather...

  • smiddy

    From freddo`s figures Australia is down by 1217 pubs from their peak number a couple of years ago .

    jambon1 ,I can remember that memorial partakers were stagnant at approximately 8000 more than 20 years ago and now its over 18000 ? Incredible !

  • fukitol

    This explains the theme of this year's convention "Do not give up!", straight after the theme last year of remaining loyal.

    Clearly, increasing numbers are giving up. They are in decline in the developed world and the donations are drying up. They have been for some time and it is only getting worse.

    And the delusional Governing body don't know what the heck to do about it except to slash costs, keep begging and guilt-tripping and scare-mongering, and hoping that Armageddon will come soon to bail them out.

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