2017 Yearbook released

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  • Onager

    What would happen if the number of memorial partakers rose to more than 144,000??

    Sorry, On the next page of the thread I read there were two posts asking the same thing!

    Guess I was running ahead of the chariot or something...

  • konceptual99
    What would happen if the number of memorial partakers rose to more than 144,000??

    Nothing major. It's already obvious that there has to have been more than 144,000 partaking over the history of the WTS let alone those first century Christians. The majority just follow the rhetoric.

    I expect that we shall see WTS address rising numbers with yet more nonsense about the figure being unimportant, reminders it's only the GB that are the F&DS and for some strong articles about how unhappy Jehovah is if you partake without being 100% certain. They will probably make some statements about the depth of spirituality (i.e. stuff you do in the org) that a member of the remnant would likely have to try and guilt some into retracting their claim.

  • respectful_observer

    This sounds extremely concerning if correct. I can grasp what "inquiries" consist of, but "plain persecution" has me baffled. Can you provide an example of such "persecution"? I am not being facetious in my request.

    I'm not sure if it's "persecution" per se, but there have been a number in halls in that area whose views and beliefs on partaking are "known" to the elders there. They've consisted of long serving CoBE, regular convention speakers, those who have professed being anointed for decades (even when they were in positions of significance in Bethel), among others. Most have been smart and played the game well because they actually know the rules, so they haven't been DF'd.

    One of them who was DF'd is now one of the key writers on anointedjw.org. I thought I saw his first-hand account of his JC posted here a while back, but maybe not. I can definitely confirm that there are others who agree with their logic, but would never publicly join them. Definitely a known issue in the area, though.

  • Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu
    Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu

    slimboyfat2 days ago No doubt there is growth in the Congo, but it's not possible to tell if the figure for last year was accurate, or the figure for this year, or neither. So in terms of global growth it's probably best to ignore it at the moment because inclusion very likely creates a false impression of the global trend.

    Another thing about the Congo: it is a country which has had significant independent "Watchtower" movements in the past. I don't know if these are still active, but it is possible that the definition of a JW adherent is slightly more fluid in this region than we are accustomed to elsewhere, such that congregations may be moved inside or outside the organisational umbrella from one year to the next. If so it is possible that a large increase in any given year represents reconnection of the official Watchtower organisation with pre-existing independent congregations.

    The Congolese people that I gave Bible studie know many witnesses in Congo. When they were in refugee camps in Congo, there were many, many witnesses in these same camps with them. The witnesses in refugee camps (I heard this also from other Congolese brothers) are really different than the witnesses in for instance Europe. Most of them are there for the wrong reasons, they do not live up to the rules of the witnesses. If these people would be attending any Western country congregation they would probably be described as bad association (of course there are also those that are there for not the wrong reasons).

    Many Congolese people in cities (not rural) do in fact have the ability to go on the internet. But the thing is that they all speak French, since this is the official common language, but many many Congolese people are not able to read French. This has to do with illiteracy, and of those that are literate, many can hardly read French, but are only able to read their own native language. The family with whom I studied first received French literature, but they could literally do nothing with it. They could not understand. They were only able to read literature when they saw it in their own African language. So even if the witnesses in Congo have access to the internet, for most of them this is not sufficient to learn about TTATT, because TTATT is most likely not widespread among the native African languages on the internet.

    And, the Congolese people are very very believing people, so this contributes also to the fact that they are really inclined to listen to the witnesses when they use their Bible.

  • slimboyfat

    They have lost touch with reality.

    It's amazing to think no one caught this and removed it before publishing.

    But I guess these are the same people who have been signing Bibles too.

    I think even many fully believing JWs will have trouble with this comment.

    (I made this post yesterday in response to posts a few pages back about the comment about the GB being like Jehovah on the TV. I just noticed it arrived)

  • schnell
    So even if the witnesses in Congo have access to the internet, for most of them this is not sufficient to learn about TTATT, because TTATT is most likely not widespread among the native African languages on the internet.

    @Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu, hmm...

    Ni Google Tafsiri kutosha? Tunapaswa kukanusha JW theolojia katika Kiswahili?

    (Is Google Translate sufficient? Should we disprove JW theology in Swahili?)

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Swahili is not spoken a lot in Congo. The primary language in Kinshasa is Lingala.

  • nonjwspouse

    Something interesting I just found out which may have something to do with the claim of "new congregations" My MI was told recently their congregation, (which was moved out of their KH several years ago to share another hall, after the money grab and selling off their hall) that their congregation by name was no more. Interesting that she put it that way. The "congregation" was gone. They were being reassigned and evidently giving a
    "new congregation" status ( I assume with a name I don't know)

    My point is that it sounds like they were "reclassified" as a new congregation, and then assigned to attend another hall ( farther away from home as well). Could this be part of a congregation number spin?

    It remains to be seen if she will actually follow directions and go to this new hall, especially if there are any night meetings. Her freshly baptized 50+ year old single son taking her would be the only way I think she would even attempt it.

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