Any updates on the org's $4000 per day fine?

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  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver


    I was looking on Westlaw and LexisNexis and neither has any information on this case, though both really only have case details when it hits an appeals court. I don't have a PACER account so I could not locate any information on the Courts Website. Apparently unlike the trial court in San Diego, even though it is a public website and the information is publically accessible, you need to be registered with the PACER system to be able to search for it.

  • Landy
    Whatever we think about this, in the end, the WT will be made to pay. It may not be the justice system-heavenly or earthly, but humanity has had enough of this in even the most backward places. The times are a changing and they can't hide anymore and that is worth plenty, in my book.

    I think you give them too much credit. Humanity doesn't give be a shit about the JWs - thankfully they're insignificant. To everyone that isn't a witness or ex-witness they're a bunch of slighty odd but generally nice people who disturb them on a Sunday morning.

    If you asked 100 people if they had heard of the AR commission, I would be amazed if even one had.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Landy and RO

    I think I need to apologize to you along with many others on this board. We thought this was a discussion board where we could state what we feel and some of us are very passionate about the child molesters in the JW faith. Some of us may state our hopes and wishes that it would stop, that JW children and even those who are cold called on in the field service might have a chance of not being called on by JW peodphilies. And if they do get raped that at sometime in their lives they might have a hope of getting justice.

    Like Landy you just slammed JWdaughter for sharing her view's.

    I have to realize that I am stupid what did you call me a "crazy nut case" or was it that you said I was "insane" I cannot find all the threads that you have attacked me on.

    Take this thread an honest question was asked and you and RO have proceeded to derail it, train wreck it, to where it has nothing to do with the topic but just for you 2 to spout off all of your vast knowledge.

    It's good to know that this is truly not a discussion board but a Landy and RO board where if we do not agree with you and your views you will slam and destroy what the thread is about until it is unrecognizable if anyone dares to disagree with you.

    You are right, Landy is right. But the only thing that you cannot stop is that the ad's have been placed and even though you are 100% right where you said "To everyone that isn't a witness or ex-witness they're a bunch of slighty odd but generally nice people who disturb them on a Sunday morning."

    The few the very, very, very, few who take any notice at all of the JW's at all and who what did you just say 'call on them on "Sunday mornings?" I know I am wrong on this point too so please forgive me for being such a idiot but where I live it is Saturday mornings that everyone went out. I know, I know, I know it is Sunday where you are and I am just being contrary just to get back at you for some insane reason that you and RO think.

    But for those very, very, very, few as you have so eloquently, and clearly, and concisely explained to all of us who do not have the vast knowledge that you and RO have these ad's will stick in the minds of those that see them, it will be in their minds the next time a JW calls on them where you live on a Sunday morning where I live on a Saturday morning but on some morning that a JW calls on them and all the elders who have allowed the child molester free run of the hall's to go out in service these elders will always be looking over their shoulders wondering when they might be called out on it.

    What makes me wonder since you are so right, that this is just a silly little "insignificant" religion, that as you also so elegantly put it here "Humanity doesn't give be a shit about the JWs" that no one notices and thinks of them as very harmless, why all these law firms would go to such trouble and spend so much money and time on just a what did you call it "a little fishing exposition to see what it might throw up"

    From now on I will try to filter what I say so as to not offend you and your buddy RO.


  • Landy

    I find it amusing that those who were intolerant of other viewpoints as witnesses are sometimes just as intolerant of other viewponts when they become vehement ex-witnesses.

    Your overly dramatic posting style is something to behold. Keep it up!

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Thank you Landy I find it the same strange way for you also. You have belittled me insulted me, name called me. Told me I was mental.

    So your point is?


  • OrphanCrow
    Landy: If you asked 100 people if they had heard of the AR commission, I would be amazed if even one had.

    Well then it is time that changed. Good thing there are ads being placed in newspapers that draw attention to the JWs inability to handle sex offenders. As "insignificant" as they are, a banished JW sex offender can do a lot of damage in the larger community.

    As was pointed out in that ARC, which you claim hardly anyone knows about, simply kicking a sex offender out of the hallowed kingdom hall does nothing to protect the community that offender has been banished to.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Also Landy since this is such an insignificant religion, or as you so elegantly put it "humility does not give a shit about." Love the use of your swear word's shows such great intelligence on your part.

    Since you are so right no one knows anything about or cares about the JW religion, why did Trey Bundy from NPR, and PBS just do reports on them? Trey just last month spent 45 minuets on his report. Is Trey an mental nutcase like you call me? Why would a news organization like NPR, and PBS waste somuch time and money on some religion that no one knows about or cares about?

    I guess I am just to stupid to understand it.


  • Landy

    @ OC

    It is time it changed - the JW safeguarding processes have been deplorable in the past. There is evidence that they are finally changing procedures.

    It all seems to happen at a local level though. The incident that brought me here after not giving them a thought for the last twenty years was a newspaper article about local elder who had been found guilty of having indecent images on his PC. But, as they say, today's newspaper is tomorrow's fish and chip paper and the incident will have been forgotten by the local people.

    Even though I'm an atheist, one of the fundamental rights a person has is a freedom to follow a religion of their choice and that includes those who want to be a JW. I have no desire to go to my still believing relatives and trash their religion even though I think it's a load of rubbish - it's up to them what they believe and I don't have the right to tell them not to.

    Lke a lot of religions they do need to look at safeguarding policies and hopefully the attention from the ARC and the UK CC will force change on them. This will happen out of the view of the general public though because the general public simply don't give a shit about a nothing religion.

  • Landy

    Tell you what lits - you stop naming me in every post and I'll stop calling you a mentalist. How's that?

  • Landy
    why did Trey Bundy from NPR, and PBS just do reports on them


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