Any updates on the org's $4000 per day fine?

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  • Landy
    ..... but since your post's clearly indicate that you see no problem with the way JW"s, the GB, etc handle child molesters why are you trying to detract one's from these ad's, and $4,000 a day payment.

    If you can point me to somewhere I've condoned child abuse or condoned the JW's handling of it I would be most grateful and I will humbly apologise.

    If you can't do that then I can only assume that you're extrapolating something from nothing and are just a little bit mental and you can be safely ignored.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    We will see what the appeals court will have to say. If anyone is interested there are 4 law libraries in California, who has a database to appeals court briefs. I know one is at the LA law library, but currently the website says their online database is down and it been saying that for a while, so if you are in LA you can stop by or you can ask the reference librarian if they know what is the other law libraries that do it online.

  • OrphanCrow
    Landy: The way RO has been treated on this thread for simply presenting useful info is pretty shocking

    Yes, Landy, Richard has presented useful information.

    My issue with Richard's useful information is the way he has presented it.

    Richard has stated the WT's position as though the appeal has been granted and will proceed.

    That is not accurate. The court has stated that the appeal may proceed but there is a condition to that proceeding, and it is this: "The appealability of the order may be subject to further consideration during the pendency of the appeal."

    Richard presents useful information, but it is important to realize that his presentation is almost always biased towards the Watchtower. Yes, on this forum, you will find people who will get their facts wrong and be always looking for the ways to slam the Watchtower.

    Sure, Richard gives the forum balance - his views are always slanted to show the Watchtower in the best light. He gives the facts but he doesn't always present them without bias, and he doesn't always give all the facts. He words things in a way such that the reader is led to believe something other than what those facts mean.

  • Listener

    RO - What histeria in particular are you referring to?

  • Landy
    Sure, Richard gives the forum balance - his views are always slanted to show the Watchtower in the best light. He gives the facts but he doesn't always present them without bias, and he doesn't always give all the facts.

    Well it not like there's no bias the other way on here so maybe that's not a bad thing?

    I've got no love for JW org but being away from it for 20 years has left me ambivalent - you could say I'm an ex ex JW.

    And I didn't take your read on his post - simply read it as the case and money order is on hold due to the appeal hearing.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver
    Hysteria may not have been the best word to use. But if you don't think there aren't some false accusations you are foolish. Again I never said it is common and it maybe only a few but it does happen.
  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    And orphan crow. The court has had about 4 months to reject the appeal. And the court has places it on their docket. They also have granted an extension for the initial brief. These are all indications that the court will not reject at least hearing it. And if the court does reject hearing it, then the sanctions clock would pick back up.

  • OrphanCrow

    That's better, Richard.

    Yes, there are indications that the appeal will proceed...but that is all they are - indications. We have to wait for that to be an actual fact.

    Gotta get those facts straight.

  • JWdaughter

    Whatever we think about this, in the end, the WT will be made to pay. It may not be the justice system-heavenly or earthly, but humanity has had enough of this in even the most backward places. The times are a changing and they can't hide anymore and that is worth plenty, in my book. If the Supremes don't get the org and God doesn't, Karma will. Things will change because they have to-and they WT/CCJW will suffer for their actions and JWs will respond more human like as time goes on because the upcoming "generation" is just plain not as indoctrinated to think they have the "only true religion" anymore. JWs are playing the church game like everyone else and they are less likely to be "true believers". The WT/CCJW has jumped the shark.

  • disfellowshipped1

    @Richard Oliver - Do you know more about how the International Nickel case is going?

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