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  • schnell

    Thank you, everybody here, for introducing me to this. No, no I had NOT heard of this. Child abuse issues have been roundly dismissed as apostate attacks in the congregations I've attended in the last decade. As a matter of fact, when a certain case in the USA made the press, I was distressed enough to call up a special pioneer about it and ask what he thought. He then assured me that this is the truth anyway, that cases like that aren't the norm and are being handled, etc. etc.

    What the hell, Jackson? What the hell?

    He rambles... So often. He dodges every question that he can. He cannot let his yes mean yes and his no mean no, he goes far in excess of that.

    Responding to Mister Stewart's line of questioning about a fading individual who is at home when some elders come to his door and find him, for example, celebrating Christmas, Jackson can't seem to see through the specific example of Christmas until Mister Stewart explains that it's an example. The point isn't Christmas, the point is that the individual has faded because of the disfellowshipping arrangement.

    Every relatively low-ranking elder would (I should hope) know the answers to all of these questions. They would not (I should hope) dodge them by saying it isn't their field. Deference will only get you so far, and none of these questions were particularly esoteric.

    My dad would be yelling the answers at the screen if he saw this. *sigh* I should hope.

    And the rambling! Oh god, answer the question you politicking bastard.

    I guess I'm not surprised when he stops the discussion to "give a witness" and promote the organization, but really? Do you have to? Do you really think somebody there in that room is going to convert?

    And he was baptized at 13, eh? He sees nothing wrong with that at all and nothing wrong with kids getting baptized for the rest of their lives under threat of disfellowshipping?

    The length and sheer number of these videos is a bit of an obstacle to overcome, but this was outrageous.

    It IS your field. You cannot just claim ignorance.

    I'm done. I was done before but the more I see here, I am just so unbelievably done....

  • atomant

    Yep the internet is a god send.Thanks god for the internet.

  • Listener

    Great observations Schnell.

    Even the background to his appearance is appalling. The Branch coordinator tried to play down his role and the had their lawyer blindsight the Commission. Fortunately, there were a number of ex JWs able to communicate with the Commission whilst it was in progress and inform them of the true situation. The Commission initially took the word of the JWs and were not going to call Jackson up but when they understood his role, they decided his testimony could be beneficial.

    This is partly the reason why Jackson downplayed his role as a GB member.

    Then there is the Case where G. Losch was subpoened to appear in a Child Abuse Case. He refused to appear and lodged a Declaration which included this statement

    I do not answer to Watchtower. .... Watchtower does not have, and never has had, any authority over me." - Gerrit Lösch in a signed Declaration submitted to the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego, dated February 4th, 2014

    The whole Declaration can be found here -
  • schnell

    If you don't mind me saying so, holy shit Listener!

    I uploaded the PDF court document with Losch's signature to my Google Drive. I am never deleting it.

  • smiddy

    Welcome to the board schnell , I feel your frustration.

    A couple of other interesting points that I observed .

    Some Elders took an affirmative statement as opposed to taking an oath on the Bible to tell the truth.

    Geoffrey Jackson on the other hand took the oath to tell the truth ,swearing on the Bible.

    The Elders under question had a complete dis-interest in the process of the proceedings with one especially looking as if to wait on the Holy Spirit to put words in his mouth , words that never came.

    It was very embarrasing to watch.

    Another spokesperson for the JW`s was very fortunate he wasnt charged with deliberately trying to mislead the commission , which he quite frankly tried to do.

  • Xanthippe

    ' If they don't want to apply to officially leave the JWs they can tell anyone they like they are no longer a JW ' - G Jackson

    Yes Schnell he's implying members could do this without sanction which we know is rubbish. Going around telling JW friends and family you no longer want to be a JW and why is apostasy and will get you disfellowshipped.

    You're right he unbelievably says it's not his field but as Stewart says everything is his field because he's one of the GB. The ultimate spiritual shepherds of the JW religion cannot answer a straight question to save their life. Shocking. Good to see this again thanks. Glad you can see it's not the truth and welcome to the forum.

  • punkofnice

    Schnell - Yes. I agree with all of the above. Imagine trying to use the Jackson argument in a judicial comittee. Imagine quoting directly from Jackson. The elders wouldn't have any of it. They'd say that Jackson didn't say any of it or that he meant something else. I'm hoping the ARC has awoken many from the mind control and got them voting with their feet.

    The watchtower is here exposed for what it is. A money grabbing (grubbing, too), dangerous cult.

    Some don't like the word cult, hard cheese.

  • stuckinarut2

    I watched every minute live via web-stream of the two plus weeks of the hearing...and the amount of "what the hell" moments was seriously unbelievable.

    A part of me was hoping to see the society behave in a dignified and positive manner in order to prove they have gods blessing....but the reality was far from it!

  • stuckinarut2

    You were not very schnell about getting onto the ARC !

    Now you are on steroids !

    As mentioned this was "soap-opera' compelling stuff - even got up in the early hours to "tune-in" [ I am in South Africa] and of course having a local boykie as the lead counsel [ Angus Stewart] performing in high-gear was like the Springboks beating the All - Blacks in a rugger world cup ....................! {ok ...all AnZacs take the piss ! }

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