Gerrit Losch Hypocritical: "Let Your Light Shine" Talk Given After His Refusal To Let His Light Shine Before Caesar In A Court Room

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Losch's refusal to appear in court when subpeona'd to give testimony before a judge over his involvement in child abuse cover up and endangerment lawsuit . I think such conduct should take away his freeness of speech and label him as a supreme hypocrite for giving such a talk about letting one light shine when he seems to be afraid to let his light shine in a court of law. This man's hypocrisy knows no limits, and is extremely shameful. Due to extreme compartmentalization can this man give such a hypocritical talk to his followers. He needs to see a psychiatrist I'm sure with this much denial going on in his cranium.

  • Oubliette

    "I do not answer to Watchtower. .... Watchtower does not have, and never has had, any authority over me." - Gerrit Lösch in a signed Declaration submitted to the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego, dated February 4th, 2014

  • Oubliette

    For any doubting lurkers, yes! He really did say that:

  • DesirousOfChange

    Being hypocritical has never really bothered them.

    I think they actually pattern it after God: 1) Love thy neighbor; 2) Kill the neighbors that do not agree with you.


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Yep he sure blew a big chance to let his light shine in the court room of law where it really counts. Instead he failed miserably I mean here he is telling all his followers to be kind to their neighbor because this is one way to let your light shine, but when called before a court of law where he could show the Judge how they treat victims of child molestation by disfelloshipping them for slander or being a willing accomplice, and how much they care for pedo with extra ordinary neighbor love by helping pedos stay incognito to facilitate molesting more children inside the congregation. I mean he could have given an excellent witness for the Corporation and Jehovah and the whole shebang but instead he put his light under a basket to keep it hid from public view and cost the Corporation 13 million dollars in a child molestation lawsuit. I don't know where did he got the whole nine yards of guts to give such a hypocritical talk without a hint of remorse or shame in his face or voice on almost total auto pilot I wonder if he is on any type of mood suppressants?
  • Finkelstein

    A blatant disrespect to the law courts of California.

    Well don't all JWs have disrespect and disdain toward worldly (Satan's) government institutions anyways ?

    What one can see here is an arrogant self anointed apathetic asshole who thinks he's above

    the laws made by men who are not associated to his arranged divine stature and calling.

    What the courts wanted to hear is what were the WTS. organization/JWS policies to situations of child sexual abuse within the JW religious organization. .

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Holeeeeee, I actually just sat through that and watched the whole thing.... Many times pausing it to shut him off.... But I did it, I got through it.

    So!! - they're all all about Christian works now, are they? As in giving to others, including -- gasp -- non-jws and even opposers? (Not a word about "apostates" or where they fit in (and don't)...

    They are all about providing food and clothes to other people if they see a need? Even a hint about helping homeless people? Although when making a point about helping fellow JWs in the congregation, they made sure, in a crafty way, that that person had better be in good standing.... and that there are plenty of other ways to do good works, too, by sharing in the construction work and Bethel work and relief work and missionary work....

    I am thinking that they must be really feeling some heat from recent INVESTIGATIONS into their CHARITABLE STATUS, because he mentioned NUMEROUS TIMES that the preaching work IS *NOT* the only way we can do good works to others (the actual word or any derivative or form of the word 'charity' was never mentioned). And they made sure that firstly, some of these other ways of doing good works could be in the building work, and bethel work (ironic that now most of that is being shut down!!) and relief work,

    *** not only for JWs, but for others too!! ***

    Did you catch that????? This 'new light' which kept "flashing" (repeating) throughout the broadcast????

    The wording was, nearly every time, that they could do these things for non-JWs too!!!

    If doing relief work & other good works such as providing food, clothing, and even yes, shelter! In your own home too!! - for other people too (non-JWs) is already a given, why even mention it??

    I will ask again: If doing good works like physical help and providing of needs is already a given, Why such special mentions of these (new) ways JWs can help do good to others?? And why mentioned so often?? And with scripture references that most JWs have never been made aware of before!!!???!!!??? Ah ha!!!!!! Caught you there, WT!!!

    oh, somebody mirror this quickly, get this broadcast & downloaded safely somewhere, because they are in a huge battle (against Satan, of course) about their charitable status! And if that happens, it means they will have to - gasp - pay TAXES

    And now my brain is going into overdrive, because perhaps they are expecting to lose and that is why they are having all this stoppage of work and bethel lay-offs, etc??????

    And did you notice his demeanour?? Where is his joy?? Near the end of the video, he gave this huge sigh as he picked up his bible.... Oh yes, WT & GB, we have learned well from you how to spot a liar and to see a person who has "no joy in his work....."


    It's weird because I am finally SEEING what everybody has continually said, about their panic and stress and money problems and court cases and pedophile lawsuits.... It's like my eyes are again, peeling back another veil, my brain is shedding another layer, to spot their deceptions and now their worry and discouragement.....

    Yet they keep plugging on.... How long before one (or more, hopefully!!) of them steps out like Ray Franz did?? Oh one can hope.... I think he's caught up in it and you get the feeling like he, Herd, and Morris just want to run away from it all. The others.... still seem to be hanging in there, believing it, working for it, "trusting in Jehovah", but I think some of these guys want out and probably they don't know how.....

    ... (Heh, "probably".....* )



    * inside joke.... ;)

    (Zephaniah something, "... Probably you might get saved...") !!!!

  • Splash
    Whatever happened to Zalkins backlog of cases?
  • Finkelstein

    The opposing difference to how much the Watchtower Corporation has to where a JW child has been sexually victimized by another trusted fellow JWS ....... 0.00 $

    As to the outward public image of the WTS/JWS. ........ $ 100,000,000.00

  • Brokeback Watchtower

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