I got my Memorial invite! I got my Memorial invite!

by Dagney 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • sowhatnow
    woo hoo, a new table coaster. lol
  • JWdaughter
    Wasn't the 23d the memorial?
  • C0ntr013r
    I also got my first memorial invitation this year. I got it on the 23d, to bad I was working, else I would have had my first JW visit too :P
  • rebel8
    Show up at the Hall with invitation and a block of cheese in hand, wearing a bib, saying you got an invitation to a wine, cheese and crackers tasting (bring your own cheese).
  • JRK

    I just saw the date it was mailed, postmarked THE DAY of the memorial. There was no way for it to get to you on time. Whoever sent it was just strokin'.


  • Twitch

    It's the thought that counts.

    And quite the thought it was...

  • JakeM2012

    Two Elders stopped by in January and left an invitation for me and family. I think that my wife's mother had called the congregation and asked them to visit her, but I answered the door. The two "brothers" were very nice, recalling and asking about my involvement in working on many branch offices in "foreign" lands some years ago. One was an older Bethelite that was laid off for the massive downsizing of the U.S. branch.

    This past Sunday, I tried calling my sister and brother-in-law, and no one would return my call. Eventually, later Sunday evening I got a text that simply asked, "Did you go to the memorial"?

    That let me know that basically they have gone back into full Cult mode, and they will only speak with me conditionally if I am at least attending the annual memorial celebration. I didn't even reply, not because I did not bother attending the memorial, but because, I'm just not interested in playing that game.

    I was wanting to inform my sister of some "family news" that I thought she was entitled hear from me and not as gossip. With their attitude, I don't think that I will ever bother them again. This is good news for me, because there is no one else as a JW, that I am even remotely interested in their welfare, or as I thought they were interested in my life. This will help me start a totally new life with new friends. Hopefully, I will have more success with my new friends.

    A good American Short Story is "Kneel to the Rising of the Sun" by Erskine Caldwell. If you read it, I will not be like Lonnie Newsome.

    http://www.byanyothernerd.com/2014/06/short-story-153-kneel-to-rising-sun-by.html (is a short summary).

  • talesin
    I've never received one. :D

    Better never than ever.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Call the local Kingdom Hall and in a worried and somewhat hysterical manner, leave a voice mail explaining that you just got your invite in the mail because it was mailed the same day as the Memorial. Tell them that you're frightened to death that Jesus will punish you for not being there to participate...burst into tears and cry out "I just didn't know....why didn't anyone tell me??" then hang up.
  • Dagney

    Rebel and Pete...lol, one can dream how that scenario would play out.

    Okay, I see the invite is two-fold including the "special talk" TM. I didn't even look at it yesterday, I guess I'm so disconnected/disinterested. So even though I didn't get it time for the "free event" as its referred to as, I will still be able to learn how to be in paradise with Jesus. phew.

    Jake, there is story after story of conditional love from JW family. Just heard another one in person from a visiting family from Australia. I shake my head at the cruelty of it. You will create fabulous mates outside the Borg. It's not so fast or so many, but they are true. Thank you for sharing your story.

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