I got my Memorial invite! I got my Memorial invite!

by Dagney 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dagney

    My first one!

    Even though I got it Saturday, March 26, in the mail in an envelope addressed to "My dear neighbor."

    It's the thought that counts.

  • stephanie61092
    Better late than never 😉
  • Tech49
    Epic fail on the part of the sender. Now who's bloodguilty???
  • naazira
    Haha they're trying to get you to attend the special talk!
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Maybe it's for next year.
  • JRK

    Better late than on time!


  • redvip2000
    Please look at the postmark, what is the date. Unless it was shipped in China, it should only take 2 days to deliver it.
  • Dagney

    It was mailed on 3/23, not sure why it took so long. I've lived in this gated complex for eleven years and I thought we were all doomed because I've not had one single attempt at contact.

    It was in a hand written envelope, but no accompanying note or letter, which was not how we did letter work in the past. Just an invite thrown in an envelope.

    Tech49 has a good point. JW's love to bash the "world" and exJW's with their "blood guilt" bat. The reality is they are such slackers now preaching wise. The message is still stern and condemning in the literature to the flock for just about everything...and emphasis has lessend on the preaching work. It's such a different JW world now, yet the same.

    This "dear neighbor" of mine may have thought they were doing their part to avoid blood guilt, and sadly if they thought about it...it makes no sense. The cult mind...ai yi yi.

  • stuckinarut2
    So are you going to the special talk? haha
  • sparrowdown

    They don't even take the memorial seriously, why should anyone else.

    Gimme a break, an "important occasion" really?? What a joke.

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