I got my Memorial invite! I got my Memorial invite!

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  • Dagney

    Ok, so for some reason I didn't throw the envelope away until yesterday. I noticed it was rather thick, and a handwritten letter was inside. So I was wrong about the invite alone being tossed in an envelope and mailed.

    It was a generic, "nice", inoffensive letter. I think I will write back, just a brief note. If you had one item to share with a person...what point would you like to make?

    Points I thought I would make:

    • First time in 10 years I've been living there an attempt was made for a "witness" in the complex.
    • Born and raised a JW, family of elders and pioneers, left in moment of clarity during a WT study. I'm not DF or DA'd. I've been hearing the same predictions of how close the end is. The WT has it wrong or god has it wrong...it's not "new light" or "adjustments." Wrong is wrong.

    Not sure what item I want to leave in their thoughts. Pedo issue? The doctrine changes? The pew report about the low retention of children? Shunning?

    My intent is to respond kindly with a brief comment of a few words that might make her think or might make her share the note with others. No I don't have any grandiose idea that it will change her, but it is an opportunity I have to say something to a captive audience.

    Any thoughts? Ideas appreciated.

  • Wild_Thing

    I love going to parties where people pass around snacks and alcohol without consuming any of it!

    ... said no one ever.

  • Wild_Thing
    It was a generic, "nice", inoffensive letter. I think I will write back, just a brief note. If you had one item to share with a person...what point would you like to make?

    Well, first I wouldn't bother. It don't think it would be effective, but when I have forced to talk about the reasons why I left, I stick with sociological factors that are a problem in the organization and not doctrine.

    You will not win on any doctrine issue, but my family has had a hard time arguing against the failure of the organization to deal with any kind of abuse within families among the ranks, their inability to deal with mental health care issues, and discouraging their members to seek help, and one thing that really hits home with my family is the seemingly slanted "class system" among the JWs where you are nobody unless you are connected ... usually married ... to a man with some type of position of power.

    And when they come back with their canned response of ... "well, we have to remember that they are imperfect men" ... I say, "Exactly ... just like every other religion on the planet." They don't like it when I say that.

  • Dagney

    Thank you Wild Thing. No, I don't thing there will be any winning. But a pretty card with a few words she won't forget.

    One point I've used and no one can say anything about is, "I've been taught well all these years to question all things and not follow men." My brother an elder couldn't even respond to that. I'll prob quote a scripture, for good measure. LOL

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Thank you for the Memorial invitation although it arrived the day after the celebration. No matter, as I was raised JW and thoroughly learned the teachings in regard to the Memorial, the 144,000, the Remnant, the year 1914 and all the many versions of the meaning of the word "Generation". This includes the current and puzzling version of "overlapping generations " that became necessary to create when a hundred years came and went even though for decades JW's told the world that Armageddon would arrive before those who were alive in 1914 passed away.

    I have discovered many more inaccurate and even dangerous teachings and have learned not to ever again rely on the teachings of men, or let them intervene in my relations ship with God even though they claim to be directed by him.

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