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  • LisaRose
    The truth about life and why we're here is what I mean by truth

    It was difficult at first for me, because the Watchtower belief system is so absolute, they, and only they have "The Truth", the answers are spelled out for you: just obey. It was painful to realize that they lied, because then what were the answers? It was scary and uncomfortable. I grieved the loss of a belief system.

    Being as I couldn't go backward I had just had to move forward and hope the answers came. It was difficult at first, but as time went on it got easier. I eventually realized that no one had all the answers and that's OK. If God exists and is good them I am sure he can read my heart and know I tried my best. I don't think anyone religion has all the answers, I have found a few that were much more welcoming and kind and that allow for individuality and freedom of thought and no doctrine, but ultimately I decided I am happy as I am, just being the best I can be.

    You may come to a completely different conclusion, but that is your spiritual journey to follow. Just take in one day at a time, it's a process.

  • rebel8
  • venus

    Truth is for the seekers. There is a place where truth remains hidden for the seeker to experience his thrill—in the vocabulary of different languages. When I was studying in Mount Holyoke, I had the opportunity to mingle with many foreign students and thus to my surprise came to know certain words are like a treasure of truth in at least one language among the vast reservoir of languages which means you have to continue your search for the truth of one word till you get it through different languages. For example, take the word ‘king’ and start seeing the meaning of it in all the languages and you will find it means a person ruling with dynastic root, then suddenly you find in one language, the word ‘king’ is the summarized form of this sentence: “one who brings delight to all of his subjects and keeps them (of various interests) reconciled to each other.” To mention a few other words which my search took me to the truth:

    Family = Place where delight results when members get together

    House = Building from which you depart forever

    Son = One who ensures no dishonor happens to his father

    Soul = That which is made of knowledge and acts egoless

    Intelligence = Reading between lines/happenings and arriving at intuitive discernment

    Diabetes = Sweet urine

    Ego = Opposite of construction (egoless = construction)

    Personality = That which is visible on the outside, like a mask on the face

    World = Place where mostly illogicality is abundant and logicality is too rare; rationality is irrationalized and vice versa

    Hell = Me-first attitude

    Heaven = Living in awareness of common origin of all humans.

    Worship = Engaging in something fully focused as happens during dating and courting

    Knowledge = from know (Greek gnosis, Sanskrit gyan), that which causes you to say wo, in awe. Hence Socrates said: “Philosophy begins in wonder.” (from Plato’s Theaetetus). Philosopher Immanuel Kant famously remarked that two things filled him with awe and wonder: “the starry heaven above me and the moral law within me.”

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    What are the four states of matter?

    Solid,liquid,gas and plasma........this coincides with the four elements of the ancients....namely earth,water,air and fire.

    Solid is earth,liquid is water,gas is air and plasma is fire.

    In chemistry the four most common chemicals in living organisms are CHON.....carbon,hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen.

    Carbon equates to earth,hydrogen equates to water,oxygen equates to air and nitrogen to fire......the four elements.

    In physics the four fundamental forces are....strong nuclear force=fire,weak nuclear force=air (these are the two "male" elements)...electromagnetism is water and gravity is earth (the two female forces).

    This is Jehovah...the tetragrammaton....the four letters....the "god" of matter.

    There is a fifth element though....which equates to the Christ.....that which brings life to (animates/awakens) matter....

    The lotus flower is important in Eastern thought....why?

    Again it is to do with the four elements....the flower starts off in the earth,grows through the water,out into the air and looks toward the sun...the fire....again the four elements.

    The four living creatures are also linked to the four elements....Taurus (bull) is an earth sign,Leo (lion) is a fire sign,Scorpio (eagle) is a water sign and Aquarius (man) is an air sign....the four elements.

    In a deck of cards....clubs are fire,spades are air,hearts are water and diamonds are earth.....

    You will see this thought in all "four corners".....of the earth.

  • Finkelstein

    When I left the JWS after being brought up into it, I investigated other relgoius beliefs but couldn't find anything that grabbed me.

    Still to this day I dont think there is anything that would satisfy my personal integrity toward accepting reality, science is the only or most viable truth to answer who, what and why that mankind has ever come up with.

  • redpilltwice

    No, I got myself a tattoo with the following words from a favorite band of mine:

    Who can face the knowledge that the truth is not the truth?

    Obsolete, absolute.

  • LongHairGal


    No way. I am done with religion and you'd never see me joining any group, movement or whatever.

    I am not seeking "truth" because I'm not sure it can be found but if other ex-JWs want to waste more of their life searching for a phantom let them.

  • Jayk

    IMO The truth is what people thought of as gods where probably extraterrestrial. So we have a bunch of alien worshipping nuts who don't want to admitted that's probably the truth. So even if aliens came down there would be people who demonize them and people who worship them..

  • Phizzy

    "Truth" is very difficult to define, and there probably is no absolute truth about anything.

    But a while after I had left I determined I was certainly never going to be fooled again by falsehood !

    So, how to determine what is at least the truth of matters for now ? (Science moves on, so for now is the best we can do.)

    The Scientific Method is the best technique we have for determining truth, and can be applied in all aspects of life, so that we need never be fooled again.

  • EverApostate

    After leaving the JW cult, I did search for any truth I may be missing and found that:

    1. Bible is fake and so as all other religions.
    2. Evolution is right. Nature authenticates this.
    3. Science is right, even if it contradicts with whatsoever religious beliefs.
    4. Also my cult experience has trained my mind to be more critical now and not to believe extraordinary claims that lack even simple evidence. This attitude reveals the truth behind any dubious claims

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