Immigration: The Truth about the LIe - CRIME

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  • hybridous

    Cult mentality is applying a spurious label to a source:

    * Satan's world
    * False religion

    and then proceeding to discard all arguments from that source, based on the label. Kinda like you have done.

    Hassan is indeed a recognized authority on cults. He is not infallible. Therefore, all his arguments are, and must continue to be, scrutinized for validity. This is the case with all rational, scientific endeavors. Name calling doesn't cut it.

    You have been invited to watch the video, dispute the data and/or conclusions, and present your findings to this discussion board. I await your robust critique.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Because...while he uses accurate charts, graphs, and statistics, his REASONS for the various trends are pure conjecture. In other words...he’s pulling it out of his ass.

    Renember all the Washtowel articles, where a scientist, or scholar is quoted, yet the quote is taken way out of context, or the reference to said quote is of questionable validity? That’s what I’m talking about. As for name calling, Joe Rogan said that “only dumb people,” buy what Stefan is spouting. Hey man, don’t shoot the messenger.

    I guess your right, hybridous. After all, Hitler, JF Rutherford, David Miscavige, Reverend Jim Jones ALL had some good points. Maybe Hitler was kinda right about the Jews.

  • hybridous

    Great analysis, thanks for playing. We are in debt to your herculean efforts.

    Robust, indeed.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @Sugar Shane:

    Since you have started a new thread, completely about Stephan Molyneux, I will respond to your comments there.

    Link :

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