Immigration: The Truth about the LIe - CRIME

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Re immigrants and crime, Germany is a case in point.

    Remember the mass sexual abuse that happened on new year's eve ... in multiple towns across Germany, German women were targeted by gangs of overwhelmingly MENA origin.

    Here's what happened, again and again ... several men encircled the girl and her abuser(s) so that the public could not see what was happening and, if they could, nobody could help her. The abusers then groped the woman's breasts and genitals. There's an actual Arabic word for this kind of gang assault but the name escapes me.

    It happened in Cairo to a Western female journalist who was reporting on the Arab spring. In her words, "they raped me with their hands."

    What did the German press have to say about it? Hardly anything, at least initially. The German authorities tried to suppress the sad news.

    And what did Western activists - the kind of activists who rail against the Patriarchy and claim that 1 in 4 female students are sexually abused on campus - have to say about it? Again, not much.

    When faced with a genuine rape culture - men of MENA origin viewing unaccompanied German women as easy prey - the activists suddenly turned rather bashful. The best they could do was shout 'Islamophobia!' at people who condemned the new year's eve attacks.


    And then there's Sweden, Belgium, the banlieues of France ...

  • Vidiot
    "Do immigrants increase rates of violence?"


    As victims, more often than not, but still... technically...

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