Would a loving creator give humans the gift of free will?

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  • Heisenberg

    They say ignorance is bliss...

    Well, I wish that God did not give Adam free will. I am OK to not have free will if it means I will live forever in perfect paradisiac conditions.

    It has been explained that free will is a gift from God. They say 'Who would want to live life like a robot?' I guess it depends on what you get in return. Would you give up free will if you could live forever and never get sick, suffer, etc? I would.

    We've also been told that God gave us free will so that we would worship him because we choose to do so... not because we are forced to do it.

    So this means that God's selfish desire to be worshiped by humans is the cause for all the suffering on the earth! If he was a loving creator, would he put his creation in a position that could be harmful to their future? Let's be honest... God would have known that there was a high probability his creation would sin. He did create them after all so he knew their capabilities.

    Let's think as an "imperfect human". If you had the power to protect your children from harm, would you do it? If you could stop them from ever dying even though some of their freedom would be restricted, would you do it?

    Why couldn't God embed a directive in us that we could never sin against him? In the same way that we cannot fly, we would not be able to do wrong in his eyes and therefore we would live forever. We could never do anything wrong.

  • punkofnice

    Once you accept god doesn't and never has existed, the question is irellevant.

    I like robots.....the evil sort that invade the earth and stuff.

    I can see how your asking this question should make believers sit up and question the magig man in the sky that they think exists.

    I always wondered, in a similar vein, I think, are there any prayers you could say to magic sky daddy that doesn't mean he has to get off his bum and actually do something.

  • OneEyedJoe
    There's a fair amount of evidence that we don't actually have free will. Our brains are complex, chaotic system in which small changes can drastically alter outcomes, which makes us somewhat unpredictable and gives us the appearance of free will. So my question would be: Would a loving god withhold free will, then tell us we have free will and punish us for our mistakes in spite of not having free will to avoid them?
  • eyeuse2badub

    "Free will" is the term used to explain that they just don't know why shit happens.

    "Wait on jehober" is the term they use to explain why shit keeps on happening.

    "Overlapping generations" is the term they use to explain that ship will continue to happen as long as people exist.

    just saying!


  • BarelyThere
    I was talking about free will last night and thought "why would God give such a conditional 'gift'? Here, take this wonderful thing but only use it how I see fit." It just doesn't make sense. Nothing is making any sense.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Heisenberg.O.P " would a loving creator give humans the gift of free will?

    The Rebel, (A) .......Who knows?

    But more to the point this is the second thread you have started in over a year

    On your first thread you were " perplexed by the attitude of many on this site....."

    You were " astounded" and wrote " when I hear of former JWs that now celebrate Christmas? .....You want the truth but then go back to the deepest, darkest pit of deception"

    A year later you start your second thread, so a belated welcome and congratulations on your 4th post in 365 days, which read " I am amazed that they are creating these " music videos" The JWs have become what "we" we once loathed"

    Personally I hope the music and the videos " you " once loathed may have played a part in comprehending the prejudice way the J.W organisation makes people think, which is an abuse of your / my " FREEWILL"

    The Rebel.

  • Fisherman
    -----If he was a loving creator......

    You are attempting to measure God with your ruler. Even then, it is not just to convict anyone without having all of the facts and especially without having the patience to listen to the defense's side.

  • punkofnice
  • Fisherman
    POI, I cannot bear even to think about such things -let alone watch a video! God will have to provide reasons one day. Same as you feel, I do not know if I would be able to accept those reasons, at least when I think about it now I cannot understand, and figure that there cannot be any justification from my sense of good and bad but i have chosen to trust and put my good faith in God and wait for his explanation. I just cannot believe that he is to blame. I trust him with my life. I will wait and see what He has to say and then I will see if my heart can accept it. Deep in my heart, I just know that he is innocent..
  • punkofnice
    Fisherman - I trust him with my life.

    I wish I did. My life experience tells me there's no one there....it was all a wonderful delusion. It's over now and I lament waking up and finding myself alone.

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