Vicious attacks by JW`S?

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  • KGB

    Has anyone or do you know anyone who has been attacked viciously by a witness because you told them that you thought there religion was a cult or other derogatory remarks against there faith?

  • DJ

    Hi KGB,

    Do you mean physically attacked? No. Verbally attacked, judged, juried and sentenced for merley disagreeing......yes. It's this bad habit they have developed. love, dj

  • hippikon

    By there own definition they are not a cult. They don’t like to be called a cult so they reinvented the dictionary.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    My family - that's how I came to be posting here - though I wouldn't say that vicious was the appropriate description in this case - rather nasty I would say, which indicates to me that they could be quite nastier and / or vicious - as it is, that's where it stands at the moment.


  • jgnat

    There is a booklet in our National Park that warns visitors away from the beaver. Do you have a hard time considering the beaver a vicious, dangerous animal? Well, he can be when he is away from the water. In the water, you see, he is graceful, fast, and he has his house he can always retreat to. Away from the water, he is awkward and defenceless. Except for those sharp teeth. Teeth that can chop down trees.

    I don’t think JW’s realize they are being vicious. They think they are valiantly defending their faith.

  • yucca

    I go in the disfellowship chat room and some jws come in there and tell us we are bird food and birds are going to peck our eyes out. they call us liars. We are lying about the molestations. If we give them web sites with truth about jws they refuse to look at them. they cant wait for us to die at armagaddon. I really believe if they could they would like to kill us. Very loving dont u think. Isnt love the sign of GODS people?

  • Sentinel

    I would have to say that, yes, my mother has verbally attacked me in a vicious way on several ocassions. She used to go on and on about "this wonderful truth, and this beautiful truth". And, I'd say, "but, mom these people have made you live without your family, and you are shunning your children, who are living good, sound lives; how does that make you feel?". Wrong question for her. In her most condescending, cruel tone, she reminded me that "she" has the truth and I don't. That I am doomed to destruction because of my choices--and that if I'm feeling happy and leading a good life, it is a "false sense of happiness" and not the real thing. (How could I have the real thing; I don't have "the truth?) I can hear the ring of anger in her voice. She is angry because she blames ME for her having to shun me.(I'm not even df'd) I put her in this position, and all I have to do is "return" and everything will be fine. Of course, she knows that my returning is a pipedream of her own making. She cannot see that it is an organization of men that are splitting families apart. She has to blame someone, and so I'm just an easy target. Or else, she gets very stiff and just says, "we aren't privy to discuss these matters". And that ends it all. She will just say she has to hang up.

    On the other hand, when she was not shunning me (and who will ever be able to figure out the change, if their was any) she told me how very proud she was of me, my life, my choices (yes, she used the word choices) and that she always loved me and always will love me, no matter what. Her bitterness and frustration comes solely from her own decision to shun me, and nothing else. This is what the borg does to it's faithful members.

    I feel sorry for any JW's that feel they must do things that their heart is not inclined to do. Their lives are so full of confusion. But, all they can do, is represent their "co-dependent partner" as the right and only choice for them. It's not even about god, really. They fear reprisal. They fear the organization "may" be right. They don't want to be punnished by man or god. Fear and much unhappiness there.

    She will deny that she is anything but completely happy and satisfied with her choice. She feels like she is in control, and enjoys her dominance over "our family situation". So be it. The choice is hers.

  • rocketman

    Some of the most judgemental, condescending posts made here are by pro-jws. I've read them on many an occasion.

    Very interesting comments by Yucca and Sentinel.

  • outoftheorg

    Vicious attacks from JW's??

    Yes and no. I have a little different take on this subject. Within my own children, I see various degrees of shunning. I think the wbts teachings exacerbate the personality.

    One of my children "female" seems to always need some one, to dislike, to be angry with. This shunning thing, gives her the right "in her mind" to be hurtful and hateful towards me. At least this is how I see it. I have other children where this issue is hardly a problem. But it is a problem.

    Only those that are out of the jw's and dislike it are free of the "problem".

    I have known and still know some jw's, that I feel sure would physically attack the df'd jw's, if they thought they could get away with it. I have seen elders display an almost hysterical anger they held towards another person. Seldom was this done when this person was there. Usually during private talking between elders.

    Where ever in society we find ourselves, there as a small percentage of people, with emotional or mental problems. I believe this number is higher in the wbts cult. These are the ones who I believe would fall into this catagory.



  • Pistoff

    sentinel wrote:

    Their lives are so full of confusion.

    I believe that the dysfunctional mental processes of many witnesses will become more and more apparent in the coming months. It takes a great deal of mental energy to keep up the belief that 11 men in Brooklyn know more about the bible than we do, and that they recieve light from God which they pass on to us.

    When this culture is pushed and tested, as it is every time a loved family member is disfellowshiped, it takes more energy to believe it is right and true. This situation is what helped me quit believing; the wrongness of shunning a hurting family member was too strong for me to ignore. I refused to shun them; I helped them in every way I saw fit.

    I have hired disfellowshiped people and kept others on while they were df'd; I was told by my elders that for anyone to hire a df'd person meant that that one had no spiritual appreciation. It didn't matter to me; they kept their jobs and eventually became stable and decided to work for reinstatement. Never mind that to fire or refuse to hire for this reason is ILLEGAL; they just expected me to do it and I refused.

    Right now, the push/test of the culture in the org is the abuse issue. The real thinkers, and the ones who have seen abuse in their own families, are deeply hurt by the way it is being handled.

    I am convinced that everything possible must be done to keep this issue in the news, so that the rank and file can see how egregiously Brooklyn is lying about it.

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