2018 Convention videos leaked by brave insiders

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    The persecution complex is strong. Apparently if you don't accept a rainbow bracelet.....you will be yelled at by strangers and forced to declare marriage is between a man and a woman!


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    "Now that there's no food, and no new books handed out, I wonder how much revenue it generates."

    you are kidding--right ?

  • sparrowdown

    There hasn't been food for decades I'd hazzard a guess they recovered from the "no food for you" thing.

  • jookbeard

    who'd ever thought chip and pin machines would generate more cash than substandard crappy food and books that no one ever read

  • respectful_observer

    Clip #1:

    A retail clerk doesn’t give two hoots whether you buy a charity item or not on top of your store purchase; they’re worried when their next coffee/smoke break is, or whether they can find someone to cover their shift next Saturday night.

    Btw, why are there almost only women shopping in that store?

    Clip #2:

    I’ve had elders and COs tell me specifically that it’s more important to attend the congregation that’s best for YOUR circumstances (and spirituality)

    Also: “Does it make more sense?” Who cares!!!

    Clip #3:

    Kid: (Hmmm...Armageddon will be terrifying with people dying everywhere.)

    Elder: "Don't worry about it! God has lots of experience killing everyone in sight! Assyria soldiers, babies in the Great Flood, whenever and wherever!"

    I’ve had elders and COs tell me specifically that it’s more important to attend the congregation that’s best for YOUR circumstances (and spirituality)

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I just want to say one thing about these leaked videos.

    John Cedars(Lloyd Evans) & to whoever leaked these videos, I , WE all thank you guys from the very bottom of our hearts to go out on a limb like that for us.

    We cant thank you enough. I am sure there is an extreme risk factor in leaking these videos to apostates, no doubt about that!! We thank all of you John Cedars and the bethelites from within bethel who leaked these.

    John, if you are reading these posts, keep up the good, professional work. It must really take the utmost courage, I cant imagine how much bravery is involved here. It really provides a heads-up in the PIMO community. Hell of an effort guys!!!!

  • satinka

    LOL!!! I bet the JW elites are furious that the apostates have the videos published all over the internet before the convention!

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    These are my impressions of the three vids.

    • Dark and moody lighting.
    • The feeling that the events taking place, were from a movie about aliens, either living amongst humans or vice versa.
    • The ending phrases were direct messages of how the WT wants JW's to view events. Often, they are the opposite of what a normal human would think.

    The lightening gives the feeling of being in a secret place and time. How creepy was it, when the JW lady focused on the bracelets. Like seeing an identifying mark of an alien and trying to pretend you don't notice. And the one part where you saw the women standing in the gloom of this "store" all staring at her, was a classic horror/alien shot. Clearly, the JW lady didn't belong there. And isn't that what the WT wants each and every JW to feel like? The other people in this world, aren't like us. You belong with the other JW's. Then there is the obvious obnoxious stereotyping of a worldly person.

    The Phrase at the end of this part, was about the turning of the governments on false, then true religion. But I found myself expecting them to say "and wipe out all of those that support homosexuality" Certainly, it would have crossed my mind as a JW. And wouldn't a JW feel like they have been "persecuted" by all of those "judging" worldly people?

    The second one - The young lady that was upset over the how the congregation was divided - did any elder confer with people in the congregation on how they felt about being split up? No? You mean they just chose to stick people here and there without any consideration for their feelings? Is that the way empathetic shepherds are supposed to treat the flock? Tenderly caring for them? I see.

    She was the one with courage to stick up for herself. She wanted the other lady to take courage and stand up to a poor decision. Surely, this older sister that would be a help to her family and would enjoy having her family around her at the meeting, would be reasonable. Instead, she ran into others that were like the pod people. The elder behind them was just about to start shrieking and pointing his finger at the upstart sister, when the older sister tricked her into turning into a pod person herself.

    The young sister was wrong, it isn't courage to stand up for yourself, real courage is when you give up and blindly follow others.

    The young boy. When I saw the illustration, I saw Jesus coming to destroy people. And the people at the bottom, didn't have their fists clenched in defiance. Their hands were of desperation, reaching out, asking not to be killed. But the WT ignored that aspect. Instead it was about the child's personal safety. Fear of what would happen to him. That is natural. All humans faced with the idea of a supernatural force coming to wipe out people, would also be afraid of maybe making a mistake or sinning so that god might just smite them too. But wait, it was about fighting! Why would a child think he was supposed to fight the "bad" people? And the answer given to him about the "instructions" from the elders being unknown - yeah that is reassuring. I'm sure the green screen will be filled with dead bodies. Another WT tactic. How many kids will imagine relatives, the nice teacher at the school and non Jw friends lying there on the ground in the future? Even themselves. Hey if you show Noah and his family perishing in the flood because they didn't pay attention at the meetings, how much more so the kids today? But after all is said and done, the boy is smiling because he doesn't have to fight and god will take care of everything. (Er Jesus, he's supposed to be there fighting)

  • lepermessiah

    Man, I haven't posted in a long time. Emotionally needed a break. I have been a lurker and still really enjoy everyone's posts. But with Lloyd and the others doing so much to embarrass and expose this evil organization, I had to post. Too much good stuff going on to miss out. Seen progress with my family and i think there is hope there. Slow and steady.

    The changes in the BORG are such a joke. As a former elder, I have attended just a few meetings in the past several years. The videos are a laughingstock and a complete and total farce. How can you consider this spiritual food? I did watch a video of last years convention - what a disgrace. They are really doubling down on the "follow our direction at all costs despite a complete lack of common sense and basic human logic."

    The point about the portrayal of women is spot on and very sad. The "women are a large army" as long as they shut up and follow the lead of the "brothers". Good luck sisters. Oops I said "luck". Bless you. You can tell the BORG is terrified (again) of the feminist movement and women empowering themselves.

    I work in an area known for a large LGBT community. They are BY FAR the nicest clients I work with every day. Incredibly kind and friendly. They are not angry, confrontational, and do not need a lecture on the Bible and sexuality. Even when i was full-in I felt the same way. Morris and the other Pharisees do such a great job of showing basic Christlike kindness. Such disgusting hypocrites. I don't know how anyone watches those JW Broadcasting videos. I lasted about 2 minutes through one and had to shut it off. I literally cannot watch them speak.

    All I could think of was the original ribbon rebel - Kramer. You must wear the ribbon! Aren't you against AIDS? Who? Who doesn't want to wear the ribbon? Stand strong brothers and sisters....(puke)

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    No biggie and just a FYI: The videos were sent as a prep package to zone overseers, circuit overseers, as well as the 100's of elders who are working up the outlines in which these videos are to be shown. Just sayin.....

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