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  • Diogenesister
    I don't know how they can change a generation from 20 to 80 years when if I was with my mam and daughter we'd say we were 3 generation's.

    JrJW you got it in one. Watchtower would say you were one " overlapping" generation. And so with that they can say the generation that saw 1914 could still be around in 2060, say. You are going to have to carry to torch for us as we will all be gone when that year rolls around so we need you to remind everyone what they said back in this time!


  • punkofnice

    It's just a device so that they can brush their false prophecies of the past (1975 et al), under the carpet. Now all they have to say is, 'it's close', and that's all.

    It doesn't have to make sense. In fact the less sense it makes the better. They can then prey on that to guilt trip the jobos onto believing that if they don't understand it then they are weak. They need to do more and give more money to TOMO and his mob.

    If it made sense it would be a first for the jobos.

  • Phoebe

    So if it's possible the 'over lapping generation' has until 2074+ then why is the end 'imminent'?

    I do not know one single witness that understands the generation teaching. Yet no one questions it. No one.

    I used to be wholly comforted by the fact the end would come before the 1914 generation died out. As young women, me and my friends loved the thought we wouldn't grow old. We totally believed and totally trusted the WT.

    Isn't it cruel to play with peoples lives, like that? I have so much anger towards them and myself for being such an idiot as to believe them.

  • Jrjw

    I have so much anger towards them too for what i made my daughter miss out on coz I was brainwashed into believing I was doing the right thing. The future is going to be better for her now that I'm leaving though

  • waton

    How do we know there is something basically wrong on top of the 156 + 4 ***year long Splane Generation? watch the video to the bitter end.

    wt jw org has the earth spinning the wrong way, they got time backward.

    *** 1 st group, older than Franz 1914 - 1992 +~2 = ~80 years,

    2nd group, like the first, but older than Franz too, , ~ 80 years. 1994 plus 80 years ~ 2074 to GT, 2075 for P.p.Paradise. total of the 2 groups, = 160 years! seriously. and that is not counting the overlap of 2x21 years.

    I Splane Generation, 2 groups = ~160 years, no wonder their Earth spins backward.

  • waton

    sorry, I was referring to earlier broadcasts, where the Earth rotation was clockwise. in pale emperor' s clip, wt got it right. from left to right. but the

    160 year Splane Generation, 2 groups of ~80 is as he predicted. to end in 2075.

  • Steel

    I have always thought of the generation or generations explaination as just mockery. Like there is some kind of demonic force telling individual dubs " see, you are literally some of the dumbest mofos on the planet. "

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