baptised nearly 51 years

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  • HappyGal

    Phoebe, thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sorry for all the hardships you had to go through and the lack of support you received from your family or the JWs. It is very sad indeed.

    To Life is Short - Your comment "if I dropped dead in the K.H no one would notice" really resonated with me.

    I remember the last few months I was going to the meetings. I came to the realization that the only time people would call me was to get a ride to the meeting. I was no more than their free taxi!

    I was part of a congregation and yet felt very alone. I was only good for what I could do to them.

    No more! Life is much happier now.

    Phoebe - Wishing you all the best now. Decide what you'd like to do to make YOU happy!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Thank you so much for having the courage to come here and post your sorry tale. You have indeed suffered. The scriptures tend toward keeping people subservient and put upon...this is not living a fulfilling life, it is cultism and imagining some future reward which never comes.

    The pressure is off now that you have no obligation to the religion which keeps you down. When I left I felt an enormous relief from not having to listen to the organisation ever again.

    I hope you find friends outside of the org who are sympathetic human beings and that you can live a normal and happy life with your family---you deserve it!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    PTSD is common from traumatic experiences, great you are getting help.

  • Finkelstein

    There is recognizable psychological damage in most JWS that's created by the imposition of fear, guilt and perhaps strenuous anxiety.

    This very corrupt publishing cult more or less built itself upon fear, you must do this to appease god or else suffer the consequences, so here is what you are to do.

    Add that to internal social pressure imposed within each congregation to do more of what the the WTS says and instructs its followers and you have a flourishing environment of poor mental health.

    The we are so happy because we are doing Jehovah's will and we will be according saved from destruction, is a integral part of this mental folly.

  • flipper

    Welcome to the board Phoebe you are among friends who have gone through similar things you have experienced. I was born into the JW religion - I exited at age 44 over 13 years ago. It takes courage to do so but is well worth the effort as freedom of mind is priceless. You will experience shunning from some of your JW family and friends - so be prepared for that. However I have some of my younger nieces and nephews who have escaped the JW cult so I'm close to them. Keep reading and educating yourself on HOW we were mind controlled and you will come to a fuller understanding of how the WT Society deceived and hoodwinked all of us. If you get a chance I highly recommend reading Steve Hassan's books on mind control. Combatting Cult Mind Control & Releasing the Bonds- Empowering People to Think for Themselves are two really great books he wrote. His website is :

    Those books helped me immensely as well as reading " Crisis of Conscience " . I just want you to know that we are here for you and your husband as a support and if you ever need a hearing ear please feel free to PM me or my wife, O.K. ? Hang in there, take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Giordano

    Phoebe welcome to this forum and an excellent post.

    My son just came into the office and told me that the Playoff game was starting (American football).

    I told him I would be down as soon as I contacted a very courageous person.....that's you by the way.

    If you speak to your husband and tell him about the people on this site tell him hello from me and that others have commended him on leaving.

    Tell him you may have just made more friends in the past few hours then in your entire life. That as we speak there have been hundreds of 'viewings' of your words and experiences. Maybe thousands have read or will read your story.

    Reassure him that we are getting to know you as Phoebe, don't even know what country your from.

    I was also a pioneer then a pioneer 'where the need was great'. Also had Elder status this is in 1961. We were called 'servants' back then as in Ministry School Servant etc. I was a golden boy back then and my most faithful companion was my Ego. You've met that type I'm sure.

    Then I met my wife who became my pioneer partner. I would tell people that she is the love of my life. She would tell the same people............that I was her current husband. I lost the ego pretty quickly. Best person I have ever known all these past 55 years.

    Your definitely going to grow on this forum.

    My BF says Jesus holds the congregations in his hand. Well, if so, there is no way such things as child abuse would be allowed to go on - hidden.

    I agree you have the truth of this......... tell you soon to be Ex BF (lol) that on the contrary Jesus warned his followers not to hinder the children from coming to him. Maybe she doesn't understand what sexual abuse is to a child.......... a hindrance would be the least of the issues.

    You have joined us for various reasons........... all good.

    Once again ....Welcome!

    P.S. Time to get rid of that WT inspired suicide note in your wallet the no blood card is directly responsible for preventing a JW accident victim from receiving the only thing that can prevent an immediate death.

  • SkyGreen
  • Phoebe

    Dear HappyGal, Half banana, James Mxon, Finkelstein, Mr Flipper and everyone,

    Thank you for making me so very welcome. It makes me so very happy that I plucked up the courage today to join you. You have made me so welcome. Love to you all. x

  • Phoebe

    Dear Giordano,

    Thank you so much. My husband say hello back :)

    It is true to say I have made more friends today than I have in all the years in my congregation.

    Until I discovered this site, I really thought it was just me that was wrong. That all these feelings I had...the way people ignored me at the hall, I really thought it was because I was essentially a bad JW. That it was because I wasn't as good as the others. Then I read others peoples experiences and it was such a comfort to know it just wasn't me!

    Thank you for such a wonderful welcome. x

  • freddo

    A big welcome to you Phoebe.

    It's funny how all of us can relate whether we are in North America or Europe or Australia/NZ.

    It goes to show the problems are not just in our own corner of the globe but that they are institutional.

    Not wishing to make you feel uncomfortable but are you sure your older brother is not a risk to other children? I'm not asking you to comment openly on this unless you want to but it will be worth your reflection.

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