Crossing Over,with John Edwards !

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  • Ravyn

    I have a friend who waited over a year to get a reading from John(privately not on the show) and when she arrived for her appointment he was getting ready to go to lunch. He stopped where she was sitting asked her if she was hungry---took her to lunch and gave her a reading at lunch and told her he was not going to charge her because he knew she didn't have the money.

    Sylvia Brown is accurate, but she has a tendency to go froot loops sometimes. She is arrogant at times too.

    I believe in both of them and also in James Praugh(sp?), and even that animal psychic, (but she is weird). I have had similar experiences myself. So I know it is not fake. But I would never go public with anything like that because it will always call your legitimacy and sanity into question.


  • rem

    Sylvia Browne is accurate? I guess you've never really kept tract of her predictions.

    She is a fraud, just like the rest. The fact that people don't have the critical thinking skills to see through this stuff saddens me. I guess that also explains why there will always be people who become Jehovah's Witnesses.


  • Ravyn

    critical thinking requires first of all an open mind.....but dont get defensive---I am not a JW anymore, it does not matter to me that everyone must believe the way I do. I stopped knocking on doors 7 yrs ago. I know what I believe and what it is based on, and it is good with me. So if you don't believe it, you don't believe it. I don't see a conflict there.


  • wednesday

    There are too many things that happen ot just dismiss this as ravings of insane people but i still wonder, if the dead can be contacted, why is it so hard? If i had passed on, and could affect the lives of my loved ones, i would help them and and i know a few people i would haunt.

    I rather like sylvia, and she is very expensive. She likes to work with the police in crime solving. maybe she can tell us what happened to that poor woman Laci petterson. Since i thought of that, i may e-mail montel and suggest to him to have her on the show to discuss that. She frequets his show often.

    I find john edwards pleasnt and engaging.

  • rem

    These people are frauds who prey upon grieving people. They are sick and there is more than enough information out there to expose them. If you chose to ignore it, that is your prerogative, but that doesn't mean you have an open mind.

    Having an open mind is great... just don't leave it so open that your brain falls out.


  • larc


    As I think you know, I fully agree with your point of view. As James Randi, a very accomplished magician has pointed out, these so-called psychics are total frauds. It is OK to use magic and trickery as a form of entertainment, but it is immoral to cheat people out of large sums of money with the same techniques.

    I feel very sorry for those who buy into this form of fraud. At best, they are buying into a bad idea. At worst, they are being cheated out of money, sometimes, lots of money.

    To who ever mentioned an open mind, I would say that an open mind should also contain a modicum of critical thinking.

    As scientific inquiry goes, scientists are not very good at spotting deception. Magicians with some scientific training are better at it. James Randi is a good example. Before his time, Harry Houdini was another example. Houdini's work on this subject was reported in the Scientific Amrerican, a very prestigious journal.

  • larc

    One other thought,

    For the true believers out there, give me one quote from a psychic that predicted 9-11. I don't think you can do it.

    I am sure that you can find some vague quote about the world having some kind of calamity. Well, that could cover a lot of ground don't you think?

    If the psychics have these psychic powers, why didn't they inform our government?

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I stand corrected..... Houdini.

  • Reborn2002

    I'm with you larc.

    NOT ONE OF THESE ALLEGED PSYCHICS had sufficient evidence of 9-11 or any other calamity so as to warn individuals (especially when they have access to national television programs like John Edwards) or prevent it.

    For those desperate to believe in such BS, they will make excuses for these crooks.

    In my mind that is exactly what they are.. crooks and EVIL PEOPLE. Anyone who makes money and fame exploiting the deaths and sufferings of families by claiming to be able to be in touch with their dead loved ones make me sick. They deserve to be rounded up and shot.

  • proplog2


    Are you saying you would like to help these guys "cross over".

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