Why does the US call itself ALONE"America"?

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  • JH

    As far as I'm concerned, the United States is in North America, just like Canada and Mexico. So why do Americans think "America" means only the US? So often I hear Americans talk about the US as "America".

    Canadians don't refer to Canada as "America". But we are just as much America as the US.

    As a Canadian, I feel the US thinks it is the center of the world, or atleast North America.

  • Xena

    It's the United States of America...sometimes shorted to America....or sometime US...

    it's a common term...shortened version of a longer name...

    sorry if it offends you..I try to use United States when I discuss where I live because I am aware that there is more to the continent of America than the US...

    PS I also sometimes call Pepsi Coke.....just cause they are both cola type drinks....what's up with us yanks anyways???

  • DanTheMan

    I often refer to myself as a United State-ian.

  • riz

    That's because we are the center of the world, JH. Don't hate....congratulate.

  • Xena

    lol ssshhhhh riz...that's our little secret

  • blondie

    I don't think it is an intentional or unintentional insult, just a shortened version of United States of America. Actually, America should include Central and South America as well. Do Canadians or Mexicans call themselves Americans?

    People in the US like to shorten things. Pepsi Cola becomes Pepsi, Coca Cola becomes Coke, Washington DC, becomes DC, Los Angeles becomes LA, etc.

    I find it hard to know whether I should say United Kingdom or Great Britain. Some people say England without realizing that it is only a smaller part. Should it be British or English?

  • expatbrit

    I thought Mexico was part of Central America (NAFTA notwithstanding).

    Anyway, everyone knows Britain is the centre of the world. Longitudinally anyway. Alright 0 degrees longitude and latitude is off the coast of West Africa, but who the hell wants to go there?

    What really gets my geographical goat is when people refer to the Americas as "the Western Hemisphere". Hello! Ever heard of places like Portugal, Spain, Britain and Morocco?


  • expatbrit

    Oh, and I also hate it when people from Toronto call themselves "Torontonians". Ick! It's "Torontans" you morons!


  • Aztec

    A long time ago an Italian cartographer made a map of the "new world". The land therin has, heretofore, become known as North and South America, in honer of the cartographer, Amerigo Vespucci. Why the founders of this country chose the name United States of America is not known to me, however there is nothing haughty or sanctimonious about people of this great country calling themselves Americans. As a Canadian, and fellow resident of North America, feel free to call yourself a (North) American. :) ~Aztec

  • riz

    sorry, Xena . I just didn't want anyone thinking that I, as a United-States-of-American, wasn't uncompromisingly proud of my country. We all are, you know. Us Americans, that is.


    I feel the US thinks it is the center of the world, or atleast North America
    Aren't we, though? Geographically speaking, of course.

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