Organizational Accomplishments - Expanded Video Production Facilities at Patterson

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    they are getting ready to replace the current GB with CGI

    Then the hipsters would decry the lack of practical effects 🙄 😁

  • ToesUp

    The new 700 club!! Watch J dub ya broadcasting from you recliner. And look....Watchtower has lovingly provided us with a tutorial on how to set up donations automatically! What a loving provision from Jah. Just set it and forget it!!!

    What a disgusting cult!!!

  • DesirousOfChange

    This flys in the face of the speculative claims that WTS is going broke. It seems quite clear to me that they have enough money for anything they WANT. And after all the downsizing and cutbacks, they should have plenty of cash stored away and hidden from the lawyers who are suing them.

  • darkspilver


    Original discussion from 2015 - includes links to more information

    Looks like WT bought it for $6.1million

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I love the comment that they needed more space so they went to Jehovah in prayer and he blessed them with a larger facility. That is what every company and household does when more space is needed, you either add on to what you have or move to something larger. Why does God have to direct everything?

  • pepperheart

    This is so good for us ? any way that the watchtower spends money and so uses its savings up is good.N ext year when the magazines change to being once every two months even if they cut the number of magazines to JUST one million magazines with the paper and ink and transport costs thats still a good amount of money


    The 144,000 Club...😑



    "Jehovah" has to bless everything, because the WTBTS is still in the rebranding phase, and needs to explain why it's product line is changing.

    The occasional cut-back can be passed off as an "Oops! We didn't listen to Jehobo close enough, but we'll humbly keep at it! Whew...that chariot sure does move around...😅"

    The sheeple clap, and head-bob, glazed eyes stare at the WTBTS approved monitors...Surely the END is near...Just a little longer, just a little longer.... 🐑🐑💀💀


  • ToesUp

    Since they purchased this facility away from Patterson and Watchtower Farms. I believe their goal one day is to sell off Patterson and the farm. They will have their elite Management team and helpers at Warwick running their TV empire from their shiny new broadcast building. Mean time the rank and file will use the online donation program to funnel in the money. Kingdom Halls will be drastically reduced. The Elder arrangement will be drastically changed or eliminated.

    Just my two cents.

    Mr. Toesup

  • Pistoff

    They will have to ramp up the ask for donations; the money that used to be devoted to printing WT and Awakes now goes to video, but there is no 'donation' for a video viewing.

    They used to get what, a quarter or so for every magazine, even with the 'donation' arrangement?

    What do you all think is the real purpose for the videos, to attract new ones, or to keep drifting witnesses in the fold?

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