New WT property for A/V production

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  • respectful_observer

    So the WTS just bought yet another corporate building in upstate NY. This time it's a building to house A/V production a few minutes from Patterson. Why they just don't build what they need on property they already own, I don't know.

  • sir82

    Why they just don't build what they need on property they already own, I don't know.

    Evidently, they want to expand A/V services right away, instead of waiting for a new building to be constructed.

    Look for full-length movie-style "dramas" to be produced more frequently - maybe even once a month for their shiny new "TV station".

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The article says "for lease".

    Any documentation to show it was actually bought, and by whom?

  • Absalom
    I also think it has to do with getting building permits approved by the town of Patterson. But I here they have 3 building permits approved and they are waiting to start construction after warwick is completed.
  • wifibandit

    Oh snap! This is practically across the street from Kelly's. I think someone at Patterson wants to be closer to DD and the beer store!


    BARF!!!!! Well, I do have some wobbly tables and the movie cases make good shims...


  • Finkelstein

    Maybe they're going to start up a national broadcast Television network to compete with ABC, NBC called JWC.

  • cappytan
    wifibandit: Kelly's is the place that had 25 cent wings on Monday nights during football season, right?
  • Vidiot
    Ten bucks says that, although they're in a hurry to get the hell out of Brooklyn, they've also fast-launched the JWTV webchannel, too, so they need a place to broadcast from until the Warwick complex studio (assuming there'll be one) is up and running.
  • wifibandit

    Cappytan: Yes!

    After tower, rush over to Kelly's Corner to grab a table. Try to drown out the stupidity with 25 cent wings and cheap beer. Pretend you don't know the other Bethelites who are not with your group, but there for the same reason.

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