Did the flood happen?

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  • slimboyfat

    How do you know God didn't use Neptune?

    People are so closed minded these days,

  • redpilltwice

    Ahh, good to read the link again that Wizzstick mentioned ( Letters to and From the Watchtower Society Concerning Noah's Flood). LOVE IT!

    Those letters may have been the very first seeds of doubt to me. I wasn't even seriously thinking about the possibility of TTATT at that moment, but for years I DID secretly believe that the flood could have been local instead of global, since early humanity probably inhabited just parts of Europe, Asia and Africa centered around the middle-east. Apart from all the biological/psychical objections it was the strong logic from that 2nd letter to the Watchtower regarding the Hebrew word for 'earth' that touched me most and fuelled my personal intuition that the WT teaching was too dogmatic in this matter. A gem and personal favourite from that 2nd letter:

    The book of Genesis states that the flood was earth wide. The Hebrew word for ‘earth’ is ‘erets’. Other occurrences of erets include:
    Exodus 9:33: this verse states that the “rain did not pour down on the earth”. Here, the word earth must be understood to mean only in the area of Egypt.
    2 Chronicles 36:23: here, Cyrus’ empire is said to include “all the kingdoms of the earth”. But surely this scripture is not meant to include empires in the Far East, Africa or in the Americas. At other times, the word erets is not even translated as earth, making it even more obvious that the word does not necessarily imply the entire physical globe. Examples of this include:
    Genesis 12:1. That reads: "Go your way out of your country...to the country that I shall show you".
    Genesis 19:31: here Lot’s daughter’s state that there is “not a man in the land (earth, King James version) to have relations with us”. Obviously, they are not referring to the entire physical globe, only the general area in which they live.
    And Genesis 20:1 states "Abraham journeyed from there to the land of the Negeb”.
    Thus, it appears as though the word erets can be translated as earth, land or country.
  • steve2

    James Brown, your 'hit and run' approach to this informed discussion is noted.

    I don't blame you for saying you won't argue it here .

    The best place for you to 'argue' it (and I use that verb advisedly) is among those who already believe what you believe (I.e., the inerrancy if the Biblical account of the flood). That best venue is either a Kingdom Hall or any number of fundamentalist churches that dot the religious blocked-ears landscape

  • Rattigan350

    They found the ark on Mt Ararat.

  • Vidiot

    Rattigan350 - "They found the ark on Mt. Ararat"

    I though it was found in Tanis, Egypt, then squirrelled away in a warehou...

    ...whoops, sorry. Wrong Ark.

  • BlackWolf
    Well at least whenever I begin to fear armageddon again or doubt myself I can think of this kind of ridiculous stuff. :) Unfortunately there seems to be no hope for my parents, even though I know deep down they aren't really stupid. I can never seem to understand how people can be so against thinking logically. I feel sorry for them sometimes. Regardless, it's an interesting topic to think about.
  • Vidiot
    (the) 'Flood may have been caused by all of the other planets being on one side of the earth simultaneously. God may have inserted the “youngest” planet Neptune on the other side to act as a gravitational corrective to make sure it cannot happen again!’ Golden-Age Jun 16 1926 pg 583

    Holy f**k, these guys were just pulling stuff out of their collective asses that far back?!

    Credit where credit's due, though... that kind of next-level/out-of-the-box thinking sure must have made them look scholarly and intellectual to any uneducated potential members.

  • Heaven

    Vidiot said: Holy f**k, these guys were just pulling stuff out of their collective asses that far back?!

    They've really been doing this since inception. The 'Jesus returned invisibly' crap is from way back in the early 1900s. I don't know if this is still on JWN but we've done a number of memes over the years. This one has always been a good one:

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    You don't have to be stupid or gullible to be seduced by a cult. Especially not when born into it.

    See this excellent video by Theramintrees that explains how even smart people can be led to believe utter nonsense:


    I highly recommend you watch his other videos as well

  • Finkelstein

    Its well documented that the ancients ( ie.Hebrews ) lied and lied a lot when it came to create power and relevance to their own specific god(s) of worship.

    The story of Noah's flood is just an example of that

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