Did the flood happen?

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  • BlackWolf

    So we were talking about Noah for our family worship tonight and it ended with a little debate between me and my parents about how the flood was possible. You know, where did the water come from, how did all the animals fit, etc. Of course it led nowhere and my parents came up with some strange theories like that there was "an expanse of water in the sky" and that's where all the water came from. That the water cycle was different back in the day lol. I think that's BS. So I'm looking for some solid scientific facts as to why this cannot be true. And if you think the flood did happen please explain with scientific facts only!! Thanks in advance.

  • looter

    Yes, of course it happened. Just don't believe Jws interpretation of it.

  • Finkelstein

    No it did not happen , just one of the many fictional stories told by the ancient Hebrews intentionally to bring power and relevance to their specific god of worship.

    Then there is biology and psychics to be considered and evaluated which also says no , among many other known acquired facts from that era, time and place.

  • Mephis

    There's a rational wiki article which covers some of the historical, geological and more general scientific objections to the idea that Noah had a global flood: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Global_flood

    Of course, the entire problem with taking this approach is that believers suspend all their rational thinking powers and make problems go away with 'God magic'.

    'The air pressure on earth being under so much water in the sky would be the same as living at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean - how did Noah live like that?'

    'God did it so your factually based objection is irrelevant'.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Blackwolf: Check out the search pages here on the flood, you will have all the information

    you need on that subject. Type in flood and start reading, have fun.....

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    We must remember when reading about the flood in the bible what was their understanding of dry land or earth at that time,, before there were science, telescopes, Columbus discovery North America.

    They certainly had no idea about gravity: up was up and down was down the stars were floating on a big circular dome. Galileo discovery that the earth was revolving around the sun which lead to Inquisition trail from the rulling Church was still yet 2000 years future.

    So when it says the water overwelmed the highest mountain they weren't talking about MT Everest, they simply were making shit up and had no idea what the earth really was (definitely not a globe floating in space),, but dry land was all they thought it was and used their imagination to fill in the blanks of their understanding.

  • steve2

    The water canopy suspended above the earth is the same as the science and reasoning canopy suspended above believers' heads. When it finally lets loose, believers will be so overwhelmed by the pressure of evidence, their inactive brains will explode from the rapid departure of ignorance.

  • 2+2=5

    About 4000 years ago Jehovah forecasted heavy rain. Noah, a 600 year old man built a huge wooden ship and filled it with every species of life on the planet.

    This was necessary because the earth was full of demons, demons that started a race of half supernatural being-half human style people.

    What is so hard to believe?

  • wizzstick

    This link might be very useful to you:

    Letters to and From the Watchtower Society Concerning Noah's Flood

    They show how a (now former) JW outlines the scientific issues about the flood and shows the WT responses.

    Also this link: The Vapor Canopy Hypothesis Holds No Water might be useful.

    Classic questions to ask:

    • How did animals that only live in one part of the earth, like kangaroos, get to Turkey? Even more importantly, given the 'new' oceans the flood created, how did they get back to Australia?
    • If the ark was above the tops of mountains then they were above Everest. And you'd need warm clothes as it is so cold and an air tank to breathe. How did Noah, likely dressed for a middle eastern climate and his family and the animals survive in those conditions? How come their water didn't freeze?
    • If there was a water canopy then the temperature around the earth would have been warmer. How could you have the polar regions in that warmer environment? Ice core samples go back long before 2,370 BC (when the WT claims the flood happened).

    And so on and so on.

    I think the WT are pretty much the last large group to believe in the water canopy idea.

  • Mandrake

    Consider this, all of it under the WT theology...

    1) It's supposed that the only animals that survived were on the ark...

    2) WT teaches that no second creative act were performed prior to the flood...

    Then you ask... Did Noah took all the sub-species found in america and endemic varieties of animals? Clearly no, since 6.000 years ago continents looked almost just the same as now, and he didn't make it for example, into america... So there's 3 possibilities regarding our current biodiversity...

    1) Our current biodiversity came from evolution (clearly not, because it's not that fast and also JW doesn't believe in it)

    2) The bible isn't telling the whole story and there were places in the earth not flooded (this is the simplest explanation)

    3) God directly recreated all the species diversity (according to WT something like that will happen only in paradise in the -recreation- o restoring to eden-like conditions...)

    So? How do you explain endemic species around the world (those only find for example here in Chile 999999999999999999 away from ancient middle east?

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