Did the flood happen?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Hey Blackwolf, watch this clip!


    Especially at the end, where he uses logical and undeniable facts of comparison...

    Humorous and Factual!

  • opusdei1972

    May be a past local flood inspired the story in ancient Mesopotamia, but surely, the Jewish scribes tampered it in favor to their own theological agenda. We currently have many local floods in the world, however a global flood as told in the Bible did not happen, otherwise no one flesh would exist today. Furthermore, according to the Bible a global flood happened around 2300 before Christ, which could not justify today the existence of the diversity of species in the Amazon Jungle ( for instance). There are many flaws in that story to be true.

  • Crazyguy

    800,000 years of ice cores samples from the South Pole say no flood effected that area of the world. Pyramids built before the flood and still standing today show that part of the world not effected. Trees older then 4400 years in Europe , North America , and Tasmania show no flood effected that area of the world. Ancient cities older then 4400 years in Mesopotamia, Africa, Iran, turkey and Syria show no signs of water damage so no flood in these places. Roughly 2600 BCE a flood seems to have effected an area in southern Mesopotamia near the gulf, so maybe this is the flood that's talked about in the three main flood stories.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    If there was a Noachian flood, the biggest miracle wouldn't have been the flood itself. It would be the fact that God left absolutely no trace that it ever happened.

  • nugget

    There is a very good book on the flood but I can't remember the name of it. In the book it explains that at the end of the ice age the sea levels in the Mediterranean rose and water flooded into the Black sea.. They know that the sea was historically fresh water because there is evidence of fresh water creatures and fish being wiped out as the sea water flooded in. There is also evidence of settlements now under the sea as the size of the black sea expanded. It is possible that a farmer on the shores of the Black sea saved some of his livestock on raft or a boat and that was the origin of the story that then became exaggerated.

    If the whole world had been flooded as JWs suggest then all the fresh water fish would have died as the seas and lakes merged together. It is highly likely that as sea levels changed there were many floods in various places but no world wide flood.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    No facts or evidence from the believers in this thread (and any like it), just the down votes on anything factual to mark their passing thru.

  • blondie

    In older WT publications they reference material by a man named Isaac Vail back in the late 1890's and early 1900's regarding an expanse of water above the earth.

    No references now and this concept is no longer or never was considered seriously by the scientific community.




  • prologos
    • If the ark was above the tops of mountains then they were above Everest. And you'd need warm clothes as it is so cold and an air tank to breathe. How did Noah, likely dressed for a middle eastern climate and his family and the animals survive in those conditions? How come their water didn't freeze?
    • The Noah story is nonsense, but this argument is more nonsense. Water rising above Everest would have lifted the atmosphere, barely thinning it. If anything, the fall of the alleged upper water would have generated a lot of heat. think re-entry.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It is completely absurd to believe that a global flood occurred in historical time, there is no evidence that it happened and it was and remains a physically impossible event.

    However once a person can believe that impossibilities are factual; then he or she is capable of believing that any madcap idea can happen, even other magic absurdities such as the idiotic one that the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses are specially chosen and directed by God.

  • Daniel1555

    There are many flood myths from all over the earth.

    They have their origins in the end of the last ice age 14000 - 8000 years ago.

    The sea level worldwide was more than a 100 m lower than today, which gave the people immense living place that no longer exists.

    As this huge ice melt, in many places of the earth were catastrophic floods, making the sealevel to rise.

    The mesopotamic flood myths (Gilgamesh, Noah and some others) could all be rooted to one of such LOCAL floods.

    Scientists Pitman and Ryan found out, that about 8000 years ago, the Black Sea was a freshwater lake. As the Mediterranian sea rose, it broke through the Bosporus and flooded the area 1 year long, creating the black sea, a huge catastrophy for the people living there.

    If you look at the hebrew words in the flood account, earth could mean land and mountains could mean hills. So it is not in contradiction to a 'local' flood.

    The Watchtower sometimes quotes Flavius Josephus work 'Jewish antiquities' to prove their point.

    In 'Jewish Antiquities' Josephus mentions that there were many others who survived the flood.

    I have the book in german... so i can't quote it...

    In Paragraph 94-95 Josephus mentions other ancient sources who talk of a mountain called Baris where many fled during the flood and survived, one coming in an arc.

    In P. 109 Josephus talks about Noahs sons who went down the mountain and convinced many others who were on that mountain to come down with them.

    There are so many geological, scientific, historical proof, that there couldn't have been a flood 4400 years ago. Dig a little bit in the web.

    Dendrochronology (study of tree rings) has some proof, the study of Ice Cores, Cave Paintings who are 20-40000 years old would have been destroyed in such a flood.

    Find out more about Cosquer Cave in France.

    At the time that was the tiping point for me... as the only entrance to this cave with magnificent paintings is 40m under sea level... so the human painters must have lived during the ice age when sea level was down, being one of thousands of proofs of human existence more than 6000 years ago.

    Cosquer cave also shows that the sea level was not higher than today, as those cave paintings would show signs of salt water if they would have been flooded.

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