I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If The USA Had Another Civil War!

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  • atomant

    its all theatre and orchestrated.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Orchestrated by....

  • shepherdless

    I find it hard to believe a civil war is possible. However, I wonder if USA could end up being the Argentina of the 21st century. A lot of the ingredients are there:

    - Unusually unequal wealth distribution (admittedly not the inequality that Argentina had in its heyday);

    - Highly divisive politics, with few in the middle;

    - Budget finances out of control;

    - Politicians bought out by powerful commercial interests;

    - A tarrif war with its trading partners.

    Probably a few more things need to happen, before USA heads down that slope, but it is concerning.

  • GermanXJW

    All those people on an XJW-board longing for the Great Tribulation and Doomsday...

  • Simon

    Who's longing for it?

    When the weather forecaster says it's probably going to rain tomorrow, do you think they are longing for it?

  • Simon
    Probably a few more things need to happen, before USA heads down that slope, but it is concerning.

    There's already been a lurch to the left. All it needs is for some socialist to get in and promise giveaways (free everything) and things can go downhill pretty quickly. Just look at Venezuela

    The US is a large, robust country so any change is unlikely to be 'quick' but we've lived the longest most stable period of prosperity and peace the world might have ever known. We might well be too complacent thinking this is the only way things can be and that progress is inevitable - history would suggest otherwise.

  • hoser

    As perverse as it sounds we need a war or a major economic depression in this country.

    There are way too many thankless, entitled snowflakes and princesses out there. Many Canadians under the age of 60 don’t appreciate what a great country we live in. Some are seeking to destroy our country. Others have become complacent and expect to be catered to.

  • minimus

    I base my feelings not on Fox News. I talk with many people in all different walks of life. There are so many comments that suggest the country is very sharply divided. Just look at the Supreme Court hearings. There are many radical crazies out there, crying, screaming, demonstrating, threatening....

  • Ray Frankz
    Ray Frankz
    I have never seen this country so divided. Something is going to give. They is such a lack of recognition for the law. Following rules is not considered the norm anymore. Rebellion and upheaval is the new norm. The press is so biased and they inflame people.

    Brazil: "Hold my beer"

  • MeanMrMustard

    The country is divided because the government is too large. The stakes are high. You win an election and suddenly large portions of the population freak out - maybe rightly so! - because people they don’t like have power to unduly influence their life.

    That is why, regardless of who wins the Presidency, Congress, or who get appointed to the Supreme Court, I want a convention of the states. There is a provision in the Constitution for it, and it would put the government back in its tiny little box.

    I would be perfectly happy with dissenting states leaving the union if they so choose. I would also want **no economic retaliation** for doing so.

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