Returning to the truth.

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    Should read why they don't exist for other religion's
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    Half banana

    Justme, have a think about the evidence for what JWs say "truth" is. Is there evidence?

    Is there evidence for Adam and Eve? Is there evidence for evolution?

    The whole earth beneath our feet tell the story of evolution.The succession of enormous periods of changing geological landscape containing small and giant creatures which have lived and died, some of which we are closely descended from.

    This is a scientific fact not guesswork. There is plenty of evidence and by that I mean billions of pieces of fossil remains and whole skeletons to demonstrate the truth that Darwin was right and that the Bible only contains folk tales about the origins of mankind.

    Did Noah's flood happen? There is scientific evidence that it did not happen! It is another Bible story, not truth.

    JWs teachings are all guesswork, no hard evidence whatsoever. They have always been wrong in their predictions. They have always had to change their guesswork beliefs because they stop sounding credible after a few years. For seventy or so years they said Armageddon was coming in the lifetime of those who saw 1914. Then they cover over the traces and say it is only our new interpretation that is right; Jesus meant not "generation" but overlapping generations! Can you really believe this is "Truth"?

    Only believe things for which there is evidence...Don't become a slave to other peoples hype!

    Just some things for you to consider while you are thinking hard at this time and best wishes to you.

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    I think our poster has counted time and fled.

    I hope not, but hey ho.

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