Returning to the truth.

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  • sparrowdown

    Has justme returned to the building yet? I was interested in reading the responses.

  • steve2

    I think he'll be suffering a severe case of spiritual indigestion by now at his perhaps unintentionally misdirected query.

    If this is how he goes about returning, he may need someone "authoritative" to literally guide his hands and tell him exactly what to do. He'll make a perfect reformed JW - at least for a few months and then the cycle should start all over again.

  • Finkelstein

    There isn't anything truthful about the ancient god YHWH (Jehovah), he was devised out of lies and imagination toward identifying a separately unique culture and civilization.

    To say ancient mythological expressions are fictional is a indefensible truth.

  • scratchme1010

    Hi I am just starting to rebuild my relationship with Jehovah.

    I would like to hear from people who may be or have been in similar situations and now want to dedicate their lives to him.

    Good luck and go away.

  • zeb

    Be careful what you choose/do with your life or you will one day do a quick look back and find you have done it.

    I am old and have seen much and I wish I had never stepped foot into a kh for all the gossiping, character assassination, paranoia and immoral things that were brushed over and claimed to not be there among these "happy" people............................or are you another wt troll? if you are go get a life...............

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Research, research and research. Don't let a bit of love bombing at the KH cloud your mind.

  • midnight

    Pray to Jehovah about it and let him guide you then no matter what "any man " says you know the answer is coming from him 🙂

  • sparky1

    It looks to me like Justmeok2 is involved in 'spiritual catfishing'.

  • SummerAngel

    Hi, if you are thinking of returning bear in mind a few things, firstly it's almost a 1 way ticket, once back in they will be watching you like a hawk, having almost lost you once the E men will mark your card. There are alternatives to Jesus other than bitterness and disbelief. You will find lots of that on these sites- you need to ask why so many feel this way, why so many who leave want nothing to do with God.

    I actually think posting that all region is a farce etc is counterproductive. If you are thinking of studying you still have some residual belief.

    Your salvation is not a hobby or a social club it is arguably the most important decision you will make.

    Research in books and sites isgood bu there is too much information to do more than get an overview. I would take time to pray and think. I would also suggest visiting a few evangelical Christian churches give a about 3 go's as culturally it will feel odd and different. Look for the gentler more liberal one's the last thing you need is more high control. I would suggest you look at the following and compare with your experience of KH and also what you read in the bible:

    Is the leadership gentle, consistent and understanding?

    Do they encourage you to read and research for yourself

    Does the teaching embraced and forgiveness to all not just their own people?

    What is the attitude to kids, old and sick, wider community.?

    Are the services run for the convenience of the organization or are the congregation looked after- parking, creche, welcome, plenty of chairs.

    Do they serve good cake and coffee- this is the most important one by far

    Church isn't perfect its a hospital for the spiritually sick rather than a museum of saints but culturally it's a million miles from KH. I love the informality, consideration towards congregation in loads of little ways ( esp cake), sense of a wider community resource and doctrinal it's so straight forward no stupid numerical lectures and deep heavy applications of revelation.There are people into that stuff and they can get books and research but it isn't essential for salvation just a basic belief . There's no checking up, shunning and confessional the ethos is simply if you want to be here you will be. And guess what do people descend into debauchery without a big JW stick no they actually have higher standards because they are motivated from within not beaten from outside.Apologies for long post .

  • SummerAngel

    Just to add you need to ask yourself why these sites don't exist for other religions

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