Returning to the truth.

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  • jp1692


    If by "truth" you mean an absolute commitment to trying to objectively understand things as they really are using a scientific approach, then good for you.

    If, on the other hand, you are confusing the expression "the truth" with the religious organization known as Jehovah's Witness due to the way the WTBTS conflates the two terms, then that's not good. Not good at all.

    By the way, you should know that most cults, particularly religious ones, claim to be the sole possessor of "truth" to the exclusion of all others. With just a little thought you should be able to figure out how illogical that is.

    Truth is not a physical thing that any one or any group can possess exclusively, if at all. Also, if you or anyone else learns something that is true--even if you learn it from another person, a particular book, teacher or group--you will know that forever. There is no need to "return" anywhere or to anyone.

    Belief in invisible beings is a delusion, and it is one which is generally unhealthy.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Instead of trying out YHWH again, why not give Vishnu a go?

  • Vidiot

    I think this was a case of drive-by witnessing, guys...

  • ToesUp

    Everyone has given you great advise. I hope you read through it all. I only have one word for you when returning to Jehovah (aka the organization).....RUN!

  • waton
    I only have one word for you when returning to Jehovah (aka the organization).....RUN

    while looking in the rear view mirror. (objects are further than they appear.

  • Absolutesbeginners

    Just one thing : you are not "returning to the truth"

    your are returning to " your truth"

    BIG difference .

    Take care .

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    byee jmok--nice of you to drop by.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    We humans can have a personal relationship with the Almighty in the same way a fruit fly or an ant can have a personal relationship with us humans.

    In the grand scheme of things we are nothing to God. It even says it in his Word in many different ways... N O T H I N G!!!

    Our imperfect mind tricks us into believing all sorts of crazy stuff; having a personal relationship with God is one of those gems.


  • jp1692

    DY: In the grand scheme of things we are nothing to God

    You have that backwards. It should read: In the grand scheme of things god is nothing to us.

    We are real. God is a delusion of the human mind.

  • 2+2=5

    Don't do it. Never go to meetings, they're a complete waste of time, the entire religion is a sham.

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