Samuel Herd's statement about donations and Cialdini's social proof

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  • 4thgen
    I don't think the GB are that bright to come up with it on their own. They probably hired a publicist and the publicity agent came up with the wording.
  • steve2

    When it comes to less money coming in and more money needed to stay afloat, even idiots realize they have to exercise excruciating care in how they frame the problem.

    So, the GB's very careful wording is not a reflection of any improvement in heart. No, it's a case of, if they want milk and not blood, they've got to handle the cows' udders far more sensitively than they so far have.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This is damage control here by the Borg.
  • pepperheart

    If anybody has JW friends or family who wants to see the full clip they can see it on

    JW broadcasting

    2015 annual meeting programe part 2

    and its 3 mins in to the video

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    What is so funny, the older members who have been lied to for years are

    waking up. We should be in paradise, damn you. I'm not giving you sh--t,

    I have a few more years left and I'm going to enjoy those few years.

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    But he added a very careful phrase, something like: "be assured brothers these measures have not been taken as a result of any lack of financial support on your part. You have been very generous."

    I think this statement is made for another reason. It's a typical NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trick! Example: "do NOT think of a pink elefant"... most of the people will see a pink elefant pop up in their mind's eye!

    Saying "these measures have NOT been taken as a result of any LACK OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT ON YOUR PART"... is sending the message that that's exactle the case, it's a subconscious messages to the listeners that they are indeed to blame, they didn't pay enough. Result will be that they will start paying more, to get rid of the implemented feeling of guilt attached to the statement!

    I've seen it on so many occasions in whatever they put in printing or online, they use a lot of NLP and hypnotic language to influence the minds of their sheepish followers!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I stated this on another thread, that this is very much like "1984." My new mantra will by my take on Watchtower's money statements:

    "There is a money problem, but there is no money problem, there is no expansion but there is expansion, and no matter what else you take from this- send more money and everything is fine....and forget that we already took all your previous money."

    It goes too far. I actually picture the two brothers in the Eddie Murphy movie, TRADING PLACES. The GB members place a bet with each other whether they can take all the money and ask for more yet, but still keep all the members believing that everything is fine.

  • Simon
    I can see how that works - if you hear donations are down then you may feel "hey, why should I be coughing up when other people aren't?". But if you think other people are giving more then you are compelled to give something.
  • slimboyfat

    Bruja I didn't notice any "embedded command" but who knows maybe they're too subtle!

    Likely they would never say "brothers we need more money, please help", they'd say "many brothers have felt compelled to (ahem) give additional financial support, and Jehovah thanks all you brothers for your generosity!"

  • NewYork44M

    Interesting idea. I did a little research on google scholar on Cialdini’s principles of social influence.

    I think you could find examples of a few of these influence strategies in Herd’s talk.

    Cialdini (2009) outlined six principles of social influence routinely employed to sway potential consumers:

    · Reciprocity (people feel obligated to comply with those who give them gifts),

    · Liking (people say yes to those they like),

    · Scarcity (people differentially value items they believe are scarce or dwindling in supply),

    · Social Proof (people look to the behavior of similar others when they are unsure how to choose),

    · Authority (people defer to the advice of experts and those in power), and

    · Commitment & Consistency (people behave consistently with their commitments).

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