What is the history of this forum?

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  • Joyzabel

    Why thank you ((((((Billygoat)))) "What are you doing home so early! Get out there and support your wife"

    j2bf of the "stuck at work class while hubby's home enjoying life on a beach!!!"

  • Billygoat


    I am in a good mood today. It's Friday and I've not gotten much accomplished here today. Darn addictive board! I have NO plans for this evening and I am SOOO looking forward to that. LOL!

    Love ya,


  • Valis

    And lo it came to pass, the captives did come out of the wilderness after years of enslavement and confusion to set up a web presence. For the lard sayeth to him.."Simon, dude get your asp in gear and they will post." Amen. Book of Valis 1:11


    District Overbeer

  • Joyzabel

    ROTFLMAO @ Valis,

    dude, you are one funny guy! Love what you come up with.


  • shamus

    Hey! Get off my Thread!

    (oh wait a minute.... this isn't my website...)

  • Joyzabel

    <putting diaper on my head and submitting to the counsel to "get off my thread">


  • twinkletoes

    Welcome Shamus - good to have you with us.

    This is a great place to find support and help


  • Simon

    Hi Shamus

    We've been around just over 3 years now and have seen a lot of changes and covered a lot of happenings in the amazing world of the WTS.

    I hope you enjoy your visit here


    What would it take to get this sight to come to the top every time "Jehovah's Witnesses" or "Watchtower" is typed into a search engine. It isn't always governed by number of hits, is it? A friend pays big bucks for his site to come up on Yahoo when certain key words are searched. Do you know if this is true and what kind of money it takes?

    I did some work a year or two ago for a company and added some code to improve their search engine rankings. When they went straight to the no.1 slot in the results it was a little scary !!

    The problem is with anything like this is that everyone is trying to get to the top so it becomes a job in itself - how things are ranked constantly changes but the one thing that remains constant is good content.

    The posts get indexed and show up in search engines if someone is searching on a topic. We get plenty of hits from them so people do find us (as the constant stream of new members shows too). Also, the links from other sites like http://www.freeminds.org/ help to let people know we're here and also help with search rankings too.

    Another issue though is bandwidth and users. The site has constantly grown and I've managed to keep up with it but only just and I wouldn't really want to try and get a lot more traffic other than steady growth as it would be hard to cope with. It would soon get to the stage where I would have to increase the hosting to a dedicated server and/or pay for more bandwidth and this would cost money that I don't have.

    We're coping for now and will soon be moving to a Windows 2003 server which will give performance a boost and allow me to do a few other new things so hopefully I'll be able to squeeze a bit more out of it and keep chugging along.

    Ultimately, if things keep on growing then I will have to decide whether:

    • It's really possible or wise to keep running it on a part time basis
    • It would be fair to charge a small fee to make it self-sustaining
    • We should put a limit on new members or something

    We'll have to see. There will always be something around like this site I guess, even if it isn't this one, but I think there is a benefit to having a big, main site rather than being too fragmented. Maybe I'll wait till we hit the milestone of 1 million posts and then call it quits?!

  • SpannerintheWorks


    Maybe I'll wait till we hit the milestone of 1 million posts and then call it quits?!

    What? Only two weeks till the Big A?


  • jst2laws

    Hello Simon,

    I wouldn't really want to try and get a lot more traffic other than steady growth as it would be hard to cope with.

    Hey, we have all kinds of ideas for this site and you stand in the way, as if you have a right to your own life! Thanks for your response to my question. And thanks for not taking offense. Yeah, lets make the whole JW and XJW worlds aware of this site and watch it rise like water in a pluged toilet. Simon will take care of it.


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