Counting time

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  • Heaven

    It would appear that Jehovah's Chariot has slammed into reverse.

  • sir82

    dont know why the cult dont just simply abolish counting time. it proves nothing.

    Of course it "proves nothing"

    But eliminating time-counting would also eliminate the primary, bar none, top of the heap, absolute numero uno, prerequisite* for getting appointed as a ministerial servant or elder, to wit:

    "What does his publisher card show? How many hours is he averaging?"

    10+? Discussion can continue.

    < 10? End of discussion.

    * Actually I suppose the top prerequisite is owning a p*nis, but just after that, is "time".

  • Heaven

    And to add to what Sir82 said... counting time is a mechanism to browbeat the members - a tool to Control. It is part of the FOG (Fear, Obligation, Guilt) methodology to have power over the peons.

  • millie210


    the C.O.s refer to your time in service as being like your vital signs.

    No service? No pulse.

  • neverendingjourney

    I started out being very vigilant about time-counting. I would carefully track start/stop times, would discount time spent on any breaks, etc. I would round to the nearest 5 minute interval at most.

    I very quickly became disillusioned with the regular pioneers, though. They would take two-hour lunch breaks without discounting any of the time. If pressed, they would often try to justify it by pointing out some unbaptized publisher who was in attendance, almost always a young child of a pioneer. Mostly, they didn't care, though.

    Once I became a regular pioneer, the falsity of time-counting became even more apparent. One of the regular pioneers was a recently-appointed elder. One time he and I had spent about an hour and fifteen minutes knocking on doors. I asked him how much time we had spent (I had forgotten to document the start time) and he said to just write down three hours because "we were pioneers." There was another guy who we'd almost never see in service, but he was of the opinion that if you were doing yard work, for instance, that was a witness to your neighbors and therefore time you could count.

    I was only a regular pioneer for a year and a half. By the end of it, I'd more or less adopted the general philosophy held by the group. Swimming upstream was just too hard, but i was pretty disgusted with myself for doing so.

    This whole cart-witnessing thing, if officially sanctioned by the WT, would have been a god send for me. I would have been able to get away with counting a ton of hours without the guilt associated with feeling like I was cheating. Thankfully, I have better things to do with my life now.

  • Tahoe

    Great picture Emma!

    While chatting with my sister a couple of months ago, (we don't speak very often as she's an innie) she'd mentioned she's been working at the airport. Went on about how fun it was, talking to people from all over the world, directing them to different service areas and suggesting things to do in the area etc... Also how nice to be working indoors, out of the summer heat. And how enjoyable it was, joking around with staff between flights. (Usually 45 min to an hour in between, as it's a smaller airport)

    My response was "I'm happy for you, sounds fun!" Then, last week she called me for a favor, which is the ONLY time we speak lol. I asked her how her new job was going (I had assumed she worked some type of information desk) She asked surprisingly "Job??"

    I responded "Yes, at the airport" She was like "No, silly! That's my assigned area for cart work!!" <aghast face>

  • westiebilly11

    Seem to remember when we had a service meeting item, , some years ago, which dealt with when, and how, time could be counted. It was really quite strict and was clearly aimed at counting only effective contact hours. Nowadays, anything goes! I've seen carts where brothers/sisters are just hanging around, yapping to each other, yet no member of the public go near...Is this really what the 'lifesaving , preach at it urgently, the time is reduced, how will they hear unless someone bears witness..etc ' work has been reduced to? It's nothing more than a sham, a pathetic token gesture, a nod to those who in years past, endured ridicule, hardship, and hostility as they, no doubt sincerely, sought out those who were searching, and might listen to the 'KIngdom Message'. What a mess it has become these days! They'll be counting time for putting on make up and using the loo prior to going out with their trolleys/carts next...anything to boost their Kingdom Hall Credibility Factor....

  • Ding

    Reminds me of a JW I knew who did sidewalk "witnessing" before the carts came along.

    He stood outside the same department store all day holding a WT and an Awake in his hand.

    He never made an effort to initiate a conversation.

    No one talked with him.

    I bet his time card looked fantastic, though.

  • sir82

    He stood outside the same department store all day holding a WT and an Awake in his hand.

    He never made an effort to initiate a conversation.

    No one talked with him.

    I always used to see a couple of ladies doing exactly the same thing, pre-cart-days.

    They'd sit on a city bench, hold up magazines in their hands, and gab to each other.

    They actually held the magazines over their shoulder with their heads turned in the opposite direction, out of their line of sight, so even if the magazine happened to catch someone's eye, they'd never realize it.

    They'd be out there, presumably for hours, doing nothing other than gabbing.

  • stuckinarut2

    So imagine if the same attitude toward "counting time" was applied by an employee at a job?

    The rounding up of hours, the lack of productivity etc....

    Yes, that person would be fired quick smart!

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