To all JDub lurkers: How can you continue to preach knowing that you are telling lies?

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  • nicolaou

    What's the difference between JW's refusing to accept historical facts about Jerusalem's destruction and mainstream Christians denying the historical facts of humanity's origins?

    Nothing. Actually, evolution is probably even more securely proven than the actual date of the destruction of the Temple.

    Sometimes I think it might be nice to have an icon beneath a member's username to denote their paradigm, just to be able to read posts in context . .

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Anytime you set foot in a KH and attend meetings and are counted while being seated you are in effect preaching this BS by your actions; you are in effect showing others around you that you endorse this bullshit weather you are going to keep ties with friends and family or not.

    i totally agree.

  • ToesUp

    We couldn't do it anymore. It went against everything we stand for.

    I think some have tons of family and some rely on the JW's in their businesses or work for JW's. I guess it can be more complicated for some. I try not to judge someone else's personal experiences.

    Also, there are some who may have elderly parents and are looking forward to the inheritance they so rightly deserve. If you call it quits the inheritance may go bye bye and WT gets it all. We have some in our family that we suspect are waiting for elderly parents to pass away before they call it quits. It sounds morbid but it is something we all have to face eventually.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Alive!


    it must be tough with a spouse still firmly in - I know that if my husband had started to reveal that he didn't believe the JWS were 'the truth' when I was fully believing.....well, I would have freaked, badly I think.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Anytime you set foot in a KH and attend meetings and are counted while being seated you are in effect preaching this BS by your actions; you are in effect showing others around you that you endorse this bullshit weather you are going to keep ties with friends and family or not.

    I disagree. By sitting there silently when everyone knows me as the ex elder that answered every opportunity, by never going on the ministry when everyone knows me as the ex pioneer, people can see quite clearly there's something wrong, that clearly I have a problem with the bOrg. And yet I've not changed into an evil selfish person, I'll still help people, in still caring, just not really participating. And as you know, the bOrg gossip mongering machine soon gets into full sway. I'm finding it interesting to see who's dropping me like a hot potato and who's even more willing to talk now they know I've got issues..

  • Diogenesister

    How about this for an idea - I empathize with your predicament- where I live younger folk, on their daily run, call in to older people do shopping/ run errands/ check on them if they live alone, as part of a scheme. The pensioner acts as a kind of coach/ encourager for the youngster's fitness activity. Could u do similar , marking it down as fs but just do good deeds instead - OK maybe give 'em a bible or an innocuous Awake about ' gods lovely world' sort of thing maybe?

    That way you put in hours to help with your reinstatement/ fade but salve your conscience at the same time. If they try to pressure you to do fs in pairs the traditional way you could either 1. Refuse saying you get better results doing it your way or 2 take another youngster to 'RV' your elderly neighbours who may need some yard work doing etc - you get my drift anyway, maybe worth a try in terms of loo!ing really keen and doing exemplary hours?!

  • Darkknight757

    Not so easy for those of us with wives and husbands still fully committed. Walking on eggshells. Have a little compassion for people who are still coming to terms with learning all the things we learned were not as they seemed. We have to tread carefully.

    Totally agree. When you have a spouse who your slowly working on it takes time for both to get on the same page, and that's if they are willing to listen to being with. There are many out there that have to take it slow.

    I'd have to say that after learning the truth it's nearly impossible to engage in the ministry.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Service was the first thing i quit doing. The crapstorm was beginning to wake me up. I wrote an email reply to the sister's emailed lectures. "With all the awful stuff happening to me from all the jerks in the congregation, I sure don't think field service is something I need to be a part of. Just WHAT would I be inviting people TO?!"

    It was easier for us to get out than others who have family in. I wanted to disconnect by letter so they all would never come our house again.


  • BlackWolf
    I don't think saying that is really fair when some of us are just trapped because of various circumstances. Like even though I'm mostly mentally "out" I still have to go out in service 2-3 times a week because im 16 and my family is very "spiritually strong" plus my dad is an elder. It is extremely agonizing knowing I'm going around not only lying to others but also to myself :( but its only two more years before I can make my escape!! :D
  • mynameislame
    I don't know how anyone can sit through those meetings knowing TTATT. When I was DFed and had to listen during the meetings instead of talking to friends. It was sooooooo boring. Once I started learning it was BS it became completely unbearable.

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