To all JDub lurkers: How can you continue to preach knowing that you are telling lies?

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  • All for show
    All for show

    We quit service before we woke up because it was a waste of time. We weren't regular at meetings for a couple of years because it was too much work for the same recycled garbage. When we did go, we felt good at the end cause we were doing what 'we ought to be doing' despite the fact we spent the whole time preoccupying our kids, feeding them snacks, or spanking them (that makes me sick, thank god it was rare and they have long forgotten).

    Once we woke up, we couldn't force ourselves. Zero/nada/no thank you--We faked service hours which recently stopped also. I have great empathy for those of you who are suffering for the sake of your family life. Its a sick way to live and I got out pretty easy with my spouse.

    There is a great article on -he or she- wrote about confessing christ. Under the subheading Dealing with Wolves, he talks about how to answer elders when they start questioning you and your loyalty or about JW things.

  • JW_Rogue
    I mean seriously. This is a damn serious question. You must know by now that Jerusalem was NOT destroyed in 607 BCE and that 607 was initially picked by CT Russell by using his "pyramid scheme" measurements. There is no hiding these facts yet you continue to preach this nonsense.
    How about the teaching of the "overlapping generations?" You can not be serious!
    On those two fundamental doctrines alone your whole belief is in the trash.The list I was thinking about is actually quite extensive but for the sake of time I just mentioned these two huge problems.
    And you claim to worship the "God of Spirit and Truth?" Are you f*cking kidding me?

    If you just go in door to door and quickly offer magazines but never go on return visits or bible studies then it's not an issue. Most householders won't bring up those topics because they don't know or care about them. They'll take the magazines and more than likely toss them. In fact I did this even before waking up, field service was always about showing up and being seen by others. I knew the chances of me converting someone were slim to none.

  • Simple Minds
    Simple Minds
    after watching the ARC, i said to my wife " i am too ashamed to go out witnessing as a jw" and i have not gone out in field service since
  • konceptual99
    Anytime you set foot in a KH and attend meetings and are counted while being seated you are in effect preaching this BS by your actions; you are in effect showing others around you that you endorse this bullshit weather you are going to keep ties with friends and family or not.

    No you are not. The only people that care if you are at the meetings or not are Witnesses. It's perfectly possible to be disengaged from the meeting and refuse to participate. People do things for the sake of others all the time and it's simply not possible for all to simply stop going regardless of the consequences.

    Participating in field service is a different matter in as much as the point is to engage with the public. I had got my participation down to all but zero, simply sitting in the car once a month whilst my wife posts some mags through old route calls. I've just had a difficult conversation with my wife about that after pushing to the next level of not going at all.

    The path from being a Witness to an ex-Witness is not some moral crusade where an individual is obligated to shout their disagreement from the rooftops. Some people may never be able to get to a point of open rebellion. So what?

    For some, part of the necessary process is to completely remove themselves from all links with Jehovah's Witnesses and this may be at significant personal cost. This does not mean that this is required for all those awake to TTATT.

    The biggest difference between being confined by or free of the mental shackles of a high control group is the freedom one has to think for oneself. Part of that freedom is also giving others the right to make their own choices without it always being a black and white, right or wrong, moral or immoral, open and shut case.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    It's not easy. I'm full in physically. Wait for a special reasons that I'm kicked as MS. Until this, I can't start my fade.

    So d2d: most ours faked, only go for protection. Mostly with uber-dubs. I have a standard-introduction, most people say no. Talk a lot about TTATT-in the light way. The uber-dubs say, I'm strong in my faith. In the cong I give only answers without a wrong point, read out of the bible, mostly I'm only sleep with open eyes like a rabbit.

    On the other hand, I make a lot of trouble with the elders, the CO lost in front of the elders a discussion with me - makes him look like a stupid loser, so they hesitate mostly to make trouble.

    As long, as I can stay under the radar, I build up live2.0, spread TTATT, work for people who help escape from cults - exspecially JW, helped some people to get out without any contact to the elders and some more. So it's easy to sit there and to know, they lost there grip.

  • fukitol
    Excellent question. Cant understand this level of cognitive dissonance suspension. Crosses the line to hypocrisy imo where you've become what you hate.
  • konceptual99

    What are we talking here? Someone that does not believe it anymore but does not change their behaviour at all? Someone that is fading but been doing it for perhaps years? I seem to have missed the rulebook about what makes an acceptable apostate. How many fade points do I need to be counted as having met the mark?

    I have no problem with questioning a fade and perhaps changing tactics or strategy. I agree with the principle that trying to straddle a fence for a long period of time is probably not the most healthy approach.

    What I can't forget however, is that this is a HIGH CONTROL group. The high stakes associated with leaving will affect how people do it. Some may never escape. Of course the more you know the harder it is to accept "privileges", go on the ministry, openly gush about the latest broadcast, play a part on the school, answer up and so on. I couldn't do all of those things but equally making a bold stand as a rebel is not the only other choice.

  • mana11

    Well Actually In Line with Jehovah's laws - If your conscience is working -

    If you are Preaching or Supporting a LIE and you know it clap your hands!, You are BLOOD GUILTY - Your destruction is imminent.

  • shadow
    So what should a person preach if trying to obey Jesus command?
  • jhine

    Shadow hi , Paul says simply " We preach Christ crucified " the early church never saw fit to talk about how bad things were and how the end was coming next week , or give lessons on dates . Just the message of the crucifixion and resurrection to pay the price of sin

    The whole Watchtower theology has gone so far from that original message for lots of reasons , non good .


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