To all JDub lurkers: How can you continue to preach knowing that you are telling lies?

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  • macys

    I mean seriously. This is a damn serious question. You must know by now that Jerusalem was NOT destroyed in 607 BCE and that 607 was initially picked by CT Russell by using his "pyramid scheme" measurements. There is no hiding these facts yet you continue to preach this nonsense.

    How about the teaching of the "overlapping generations?" You can not be serious!

    On those two fundamental doctrines alone your whole belief is in the trash.The list I was thinking about is actually quite extensive but for the sake of time I just mentioned these two huge problems.

    And you claim to worship the "God of Spirit and Truth?" Are you f*cking kidding me?

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes indeed!

    These topics also resonated with me. I cant understand how they justify these falsehoods, AND so confidently try to impose them on yet more people.

  • macys

    Yes! That is what I am saying. I mean my conscience would bother me if I kept preaching just so I had "time" to report. What bullsh*t. But I know in order to be "reinstated" I will have to show my face in service again. Dagggg! Oh well, I will not be trying to convince anyone.

    And so on this one basis alone, and JDub must concluded that his religion is not the truth.


  • prologos
    If you report time but never place any old or new literature, and in whatever you do, talking about religion, always use the caveat"no talking snake, and in reality use every daily text to tear the doctrines apart, expose, You should have a clean conscience and keep the family at tentative peace? and of course not go h2h, to silently proclaim you are full fledged proclaimer.
  • redpilltwice

    A damn serious question it is macys!

    That's the reason I did my last hour last december. I went to zero in just four months, and only for the sake of my fading not to be too radical. How could anybody lie by showing "evidence" (Matthew 24 most cited) that we're living in the last days and that people need to hurry to get into the spiritual Ark (a.k.a. the Watchtower's Titanic) before it's too late? Any JW should know Russell believed the world was already so bad before 1914, that "his" last days started in 1799, Christ's parousia in 1874 and the end would come in 1914...COME ON!!!!

  • littlerockguy

    Anytime you set foot in a KH and attend meetings and are counted while being seated you are in effect preaching this BS by your actions; you are in effect showing others around you that you endorse this bullshit weather you are going to keep ties with friends and family or not.


  • sparrowdown

    Why preach lies you know are lies? It's called being a Jdub.

    Going in service but not preaching the lies is like smoking pot and saying " I don't inhale."

  • nicolaou

    Since when did the truth of any religious doctrine matter to the faithful? This is not unique to JW's.

    Faith is the problem.

  • respectful_observer
    How can you continue to preach knowing that you are telling lies?

    Unless said lurker decides to just turn in a slip every month with fake hours.

  • New day
    New day
    Not so easy for those of us with wives and husbands still fully committed. Walking on eggshells. Have a little compassion for people who are still coming to terms with learning all the things we learned were not as they seemed. We have to tread carefully.

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