My dear wife

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  • myself

    ((((((((((Jan & Carl))))))))

    Jan, it sounds like you have made more progress then you are realizing. Enjoy the Spring, take your time, there is no hurry. I am glad that your recovery is going well.


  • nowisee

    my best wishes to you both. i am glad that you have each other. you may be impatient, but every step is a step forward.

    larc, i will never forget your kind words to me.

    sincerely, nowisee

  • shamus

    I am glad that she is doing better, too. It is very frustrating for both of you, I know. (Although I am not in your shoes>) You sure would not have gotten this kind of support from any kingdom hall, I assure you of that.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Well, Jan is mostly all recovered. Her mind is very good. The only residual is that she is very weak. Even though she walks every day, her strength has not returned yet.


    I too was unaware of your wife's situation. I'm happy to hear that she is recovering. Regarding the weakness, have you check out any holistic practioners? It's another approach that can be beneficial most of the time.

    You two take care of yourselves.

    Double Edge

  • larc

    Well, my dear friends,

    My wife didn't know that I wrote this. I just showed her all of the loving, warm, and encouraging comments. She was touched, and I got tears in my eyes, which is unusual for a curmudgion like myself.

    I thank you all for the love you gave me and Jan.

  • wednesday

    Larc, i didn't know your wife, and just came to the board in either august of sept last year. I also had a back surgery in sept. and i know how hard it is to recover. I always enjoy our posts and offer hope for you wife to have a safe and steady recovery.


  • Sadie5

    Larc, I wasn't aware of your situation either. I am so glad your wife is making the recovery that she is. One step at a time.

    (((Carl and Jan)))


  • BadJerry

    Larc, everyone needs to get things out in the open. Think of us as your support team. Jan is hardly making" little progress", she has come quite far and should be proud of it. Discuss with her doctor how weak she feels maybe there is something he/she could suggest. Never give up! We're all rooting for you guys.

    Hugs from IMANALIENTO logging on to hubby's ID

  • Country_Woman

    my best wishes to you both. i am glad that you have each other. you may be impatient, but every step is a step forward.,

    I lend those worths from another, and want to say to you that, recovering your strenght does take a lot of time.

    My father had a stroke and was completely paralysed. He needed more then 2 years before he recovered but after that time, no one ever noticed that he has been so ill.

    So, have faith

    Country Woman

  • minimus

    I am thinking of you, especially right now, Jan.

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