Canada zone visit March 2016

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Canada's getting a zone visit in March 2016, but no mention of who's doing the visit. Praying it's Anthony Morris and we get our own tight pants talk.

    It is to be remembered that talks from the Governing Body generally concentrate on local issues when they visit other countries. In Canada it is possible that Anthony Morris lll is preparing a talk warning of ' the dangers of tight Mukluk's '.

  • Richard_I

    @prologos - yes you are right, it was a gypsy, my bad, i think I remember him mentioning "gypsy" now. also yes, i was thinking the same thing about the translation. Bunn spoke quickly and said Shewfelt (Canada branch committee member) was to raise his hand if he was speaking too fast because his talk was also being translated live into French. Well, he never slowed down, and damn could that guy talk fast, i kept thinking of that during his talk that the French congregations will only get like 50% of his talk, and he kept screwing up the bible verses he said he was about to read (e.g. Luke 11:17, but meant Luke 17:11). Bunn looked to be about late 60's to mid 70's.

    @wannaexit - a brother from vancouver told me the GB would often visit their conventions quite often. of course, we never, ever saw them in the middle of nowhere in Winnipeg or Alberta

    @label licker - yes at the end of his talk Bunn stressed being loyal to the GB, and I think he mentioned it again in his concluding prayer, and how jehovah is entrusting them to lead the JWs. no mention of the royal commission in australia or all the child abuse news that's come out recently.

    @stuckinarut2 - no, sadly there was no 10 minute rant on tight pants. next year, maybe.

    also, during Jung's part, I felt really bad for the couple(s) that went up to Baker Lake to preach. It was something like -60 degrees celsius and he showed a short video of them waving in front of the Baker Lake sign and the wind was blowing like crazy and there was snow everywhere. They're spending all that time and money (their own money, too) with nothing to be gained, it's just frivolous.

  • millie210

    Thank you for posting all of this Richard.

    There are still a lot of people at the Mexico branch arent there?

  • steve2
    Sure are a lot of Bethelites in Mexico. Over 900 too many.
  • prologos

    @prologos - yes you are right, it was a gypsy, --you, richard 1 were right, he did not say gypsy, he said roma(n), the same thing, but politically correcter.

    and interesting aside: bunn mentioned among the unappreciative those drawing government welfare. yeah, easy money is never truly appreciated, not earned.

    Bunn used the "majestic plural" in his introduction: we rather than I

    bunn called those that are "too reserved" reflecting attitudes of Satan's world (the anglos I guess)

    he was wrong on gleaning: the Israelites were not to leave big swaths reserved for the gleaners, but be not finicky, on the edges, fine-combing.

    On the "healing of the lepers" story, he got tangled in the Jesu phrase" God has healed you" trying to switch from Jesus to Jehovah to fight the trinitarian battles of Mehico in Canada, ha ,eh?

  • wannaexit
    a brother from vancouver told me the GB would often visit their conventions quite often. of course, we never, ever saw them in the middle of nowhere in Winnipeg or Alberta

    I can see why they would gravitate to Vancouver as a stopover to Hawaii. I always remember Lloyd Barry dropping dead on a stage at an assembly in Hawaii. (just dessert for a man that was instrumental in the death of the Malawi brothers.

    felt really bad for the couple(s) that went up to Baker Lake preach

    I know those couples personally. They were not too happy going to Nunuvut. They are surviving on supplies their families are sending them.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Roll out the Red Carpet for the royal visit of god's holy ones! Canadian jw's must feel honored! The american popes must visit their loyal servants to the north.

    just saying!


  • paladin1

    I sat in on this meeting yesterday for about 90 minutes and walked out of the hall bored out of my mind. I needed fresh air to wake up. lol. It's the same old news and not a special meeting. No GB member gave a talk or made a comment. I see it this way, just another pep talk.

  • The Big Machine
    The Big Machine

    David Splane was at the international convention in Montreal sometime in the early 2000s (I can't remember what year it was).

    He also visited one of the local congs in Ottawa a couple of times over the past 10 years since his wife is related to one of the elders there.

    Anthony Morris gave the Canadian zone talk a few years ago. I can't remember exactly what he said in it other than he appeared very smug and I left the assembly hall thinking there's no way I'm surviving armageddon since I'm not pioneering. Luckily, I was already on the way out at that point and his talk just hastened my waking up.

  • truthlover

    Did anyone note the three lovely halls that were built from our funds... small to say the least -- three!! I was so captivated by them I forgot where they were built....

    I could not believe they would crow about that.... and the poor folks up north with the wind, were not standing in front of any hall... just frigid weather....

    Paladin1 90 minutes -- we had two a half hours!! How did you get away with that?? LOLO

    That pep talk probably was to ensure more money was given by the pubs in attendance -- -- that's what it is all about anyway.... and they did mention a scripture twice with tithing in it -- what does that mean?? Is that the next big thing o & A what the pubs are already pressed into giving from the hall funds??

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