Canada zone visit March 2016

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  • Richard_I
    Canada's getting a zone visit in March 2016, but no mention of who's doing the visit. Praying it's Anthony Morris and we get our own tight pants talk.
  • wannaexit
    The rarely send a governing body member to Canada. No doubt with the country's proximity to the United States, Canada is not that exotic enough. When you are the king of the world, why settle for a cold, humid place. They will probably send one of the helpers.
  • Finkelstein

    How come the GB members get to travel around the world, treated like celebrities wherever they go and live in comfort and security, when the Special pioneers who live close to poverty and who work more in service get kicked to the curb ?

    That's not right !

  • pepperheart
    what do you expect from the borg
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Expect them to talk about money more and harping about giving the Borg your valuable things.
  • berrygerry
    Just a bore-fest, used as another day to collect donations - time-shift viewings at Assembly Halls.
  • prologos
    time-shift viewings at Assembly Halls. like Kremlin watching during the cold war; who of the upper crust has parts, sits in front at the venue. March in george town by george.
  • stuckinarut2

    Surely it will be highlighted as being "an historic occasion"!

  • Richard_I

    The zone visit talk (now called worldwide headquarters representative visit or something like that) happened yesterday. Some "Brother Bunn" from the Mexico branch gave the talk. Before the talk, Rod Jung, the branch overseer at Canada Bethel, gave an overview of what's being done by the JWs in Canada, including visiting ships at ports in Vancouver. He actually acknowledged those who were forced to give up being special pioneers/bethelites/missionaries who had to return home and basically just said "We love you/thanks for your work" and just left it at that.

    He gave some really, really fake sounding experiences to me, like how a refugee from turkey came to canada and was lying to get his permanent residency, but was given it in record time when he openly told the judge he fled Turkey because he killed people/lead a life of crime but because he's studying the bible with JW's blah blah blah he's leading a better life, and for some reason the Judge appreciated his honesty and immediately allowed him to obtain permanent residency. that was an eye roll from me.

    For Bethel member numbers, 380 are now at Canada Bethel (I believe they had 450 before the layoffs), and about 900 at Mexico Bethel.

    I honestly forget the theme of the talk, it had something to do with being thankful or appreciative or something like that, the guy talked so much it felt like rambling sometimes and I fell asleep for most of it. he gave one experience of somebody who was super opposed to his family joining the witnesses and the guy was having a heart attack, and when the doctor came he gave the guy medicine and a tract, turned out the doctor was a witness too... yeah right.

    blah blah blah blah

  • hoser
    The doctor was a witness too? Obviously not a born in because that would have involved attending college.

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