Canada zone visit March 2016

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  • wannaexit

    Richard_I, I am so impressed with you my friend! That you even remembered all you did. I couldn't remember a thing. That brother Bunn was so monotone this is what I heard for 2 hours:
  • wannaexit

    Also, I believe a lot were expecting a governing body member. But Canada is not exciting enough for the magnificent 7. They would rather to go a tropical and exotic places. The only governing body member I ever remember coming to Canada was Freddy Franz way back in the early 1980's.

  • stuckinarut2

    So NO tight pants talk?

  • Incognito
    The only governing body member I ever remember coming to Canada was Freddy Franz way back in the early 1980's. - wannaexit

    I recall that visit as setting a record for the longest final prayer. I recall Freddy went on and on, basically retelling his entire keynote talk.

    Of course, the Canadian branch previously had the honor of Leo Greenlees assignment prior to his becoming a member of the GB.

  • Incognito
    The doctor was a witness too? Obviously not a born in because that would have involved attending college. - hoser

    Not quite so. Although it is held against any R&F witness who plans to attend or attends college or university, that witness will be held in high regard if as a result of their advanced training, they can provide any service to WT. Consider the various lawyers the WT considers its own.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Just spoke to someone from our old hall and he said there was nothing interesting except when the brother went on about the publishers ministering to the holy ones. Guess who the holy ones are? The seven goons from Brooklyn. And how everyone is working as a united bunch. They also asked if they could give more whether out in service or $$$$ That's all we heard.

  • prologos

    Richard I: "--a refugee from turkey came to canada and was lying to get his permanent residency, but was given it in record time when he openly told the judge he fled Turkey because he killed people/lead a life of crime but because he's studying the bible with JW's blah blah blah he's leading a better life, and for some reason the Judge appreciated his honesty and immediately allowed him to obtain permanent residency. that was an eye roll from me. no, The way I heard it it was a gypsy from Hungary, and most are sent back, but he could stay because he was different now,-- honest. May be the others, in his community will take notice and before being send back will convert to watchtower too?

    Rodney Jung. The same with the main speaker, saying," the ones that had to leave because of change "' what change? where is the urgency now that the end is so near?

    the guy talked so much it felt like rambling sometimes , yeah, and that after Shewfeld requested that he be slower, (with fewer words) for the other brass, probably in Montreal to be able to translate. good luck with that barrage from bunn. well if you translated one word, appreciate, you translated 50% of the talk. bunn? no fun!

  • Finkelstein

    Praise Jah I mean really praise Jah $$$$$

    Sometimes I think the WTS heads are foreseeing the end of this scam called the JWS and they are cashing in before the membership slides and crumbles.

  • hoser
    They also made mention of being able to donate by debit or credit at the assembly hall
  • prologos
    3 ways to show appreciation for what somebody (but wtbts inc did not) do: 1) tithing, 2) giving the first-fruits, and the 3) widow's mite, namely, the last ., squeezed out even if you can't afford it, perhaps implying the inheritance. Only the wt accounts will be appreciating.

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