Subliminal images - why and who are the individuals behind it?

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Here is the image when I put it against a mirror. The page can also be folded which even looks clearer

    Accidental or purposely done?. You decide

  • OrphanCrow

    Here are some statistics that could be one of the reasons behind the divisiveness of this topic.

    1 out of 12 males are colorblind. 1 out of 200 female are colorblind.

    There are 7 different kinds of color blindness.

    One out of 12 men cannot see color 'normally'.

    So, when guys come on here and adamantly swear, up and down, that there are NO subliminals in the image, I agree with them. They likely can't see them. They don't have the physical apparatus to do so. Their eyes don't see color normally

    It isn't that images aren't there. They truly cannot see them.

    Most women can. 199 women out of 200 have normal vision

  • OrphanCrow
    CoCo: ...mistakes in the non-colorized drawings in Life Everlasting in Freedom of the Sons of God. One was the incompletely rendered railing of the podium where a beardless Jesus was addressing the Jews.

    I checked that image out, CoCo. I don't think it is an error.

    I don't 'read' it is a railing. It is an arm rest for the bench. The podium is half-circled by benches and you can see a corresponding arm rest where there are no steps.

    Another, a little girl playing with a huge, maned lion in Paradise. The head was outsize, the body diminutive.

    Maybe that image is in a different book? The Truth book? I couldn't find that image in the Life book...went through it three times.

    I will check the Truth book*

    eh...I don't have that one

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, OrphanCrow:

    You responded with what I described, yet I could have the books wrong. The image I recall is of Jesus in the right hand corner facing his audience to the left in the illustration. It's much more compact, a closed-in group, than the above. Something architectural was amiss.

    Good try, however!



  • LisaRose

    Meh. So what if they have subliminal images? There is zero proof that subliminal images have any effect on anybody anyway. The regular pictures themselves are toxic in their own right, not to mention what is openly written.

  • Distracted

    The first time I saw this image on a website I checked my bound WT volumes and it really was there -- wasn't altered in any way. I don't see how anyone who looks at this image closely could not see the subliminal skull/monster face with the name JAH in its teeth. (There is something amuck with the character's physiology too, especially the neck and forearm facing the viewer, not sure what that is about.) I realized then that a lot of the artwork is meant to keep Witnesses in a state of fear and unease. I remember when I was child and having to study the Paradise book. I don't know if it had any subliminals in it, but some of the pictures did scare me and they are stuck in my psyche.

    Note the ugly jarring colors in this illustration too. Very hot and intense blaring light effects.This color combination has been used in other WT illustrations. Colors are chosen to set a mood and do have psychological effects on people. Pattern and design are also chosen to have certain effects on the viewer by professional artists. I have a BA in fine art and I paint. I know sometimes you can do unintentional things that are suggestive but they wouldn't be this calculated and blatant.

  • Distracted

    Found a larger image of the aforementioned illustration. It is from the February 15, 1990 WT.

  • LongHairGal

    When all is said and done, the point of subliminal images is to unfairly influence a person and make them feel something they would not feel on their own.

    It's cheating and devious as far as I am concerned because the person's conscious mind is not giving consent.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Well expressed, LongHairGal!

  • Distracted

    I think that is true LongHairGal. I was a serious JW when the article with that picture came out. I slightly remembered it when I saw it on a website about subliminal images, and the subliminal part became glaringly evident to me. I was raised as a JW and I think I got my scary and abusive father entangled with Jehovah in my mind so when I really saw that picture, a lot of things clicked for me. They want you to always be uneasy and afraid underneath a veneer of peace and friendliness. A lot of double-think goes on to be a witness. To paraphrase George Carlin 'you're going to die a horrible grisly death at Armageddon if you don't fall in line.... But HE [God] LOVES you....And he needs money!'

    You must love your neighbor as yourself, but if they engage in some critical thinking they are evil and must be avoided at all costs!

    For some people who were raised in functional loving families, and fine emotionally, this whole subject is distasteful and tends to be avoided. But for some of us who experienced abuse and trauma, these pictures and any hidden messages in them, can be triggers for painful emotions. I found it somewhat freeing to realize how much my mind was being unconsciously mucked with.

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