Flood over everest

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''The whole flood myth turns god in to a maniacal lunatic. Why kill everyone with flood when only a couple of his buddies were naughty. Just punish the bad ones. Duh!!

    What a spiteful, pure evil, childish schnook god must be.''

    Yeah. Let's just destroy every living thing on earth, including plants and birds because of a few bad guys in the far east. Sounds totally loony tunes if you ask me.

  • EverApostate
    'The whole flood myth turns god in to a maniacal lunatic. Why kill everyone with flood when only a couple of his buddies were naughty. Just punish the bad ones. Duh!!

    Its as idiotic as flooding the house to kill the bed bugs. Jehaovah should have known better

  • JoenB75
    Yeah the early accounts are pretty dumb if understood literally. I mean a talking snake, give me a break.
  • waton

    if heavenly sex was the problem, it certainly survived. heavenly bodies are around still, even with perfection so far 6000 years n the past.

    The bible has everything upside down. the most advanced humans live now ( not all of them of course), not the primitives that we were in the past before the branching, not living in the branches any more.

  • smiddy3

    When you stop and think about what the Watchtower/JW`s teach ,i mean to say.?

    Humans created 6000 years ago.

    2000 years later a global flood occured covering the highest mountains and eight human souls saved .

    Another 2000 years and Jesus is crucified to "save" the human race .

    And here we are after another 2000 years waiting for Armageddon which is just around the corner to destroy all of the wicked.

    And Jesus Christ is now into his 116 th year of his reign and he has done S.F.A.

    And we used to believe this crap ,I still have trouble getting my head around that I used to believe it ?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Even when I was full-in, die hard dubbie, I could just never, ever get my head around the worldwide flood doctrine. I could never fully grasp how the entire Earth could be covered in water up to and including Everest. There just simply is not enough ice on the Earth for that to make sense.

    This was just one of the Borg's loonie theologies which created headache inducing cognitive dissonance which resulted in an avalanche of doubts.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    Well, since we're piling on.

    Paleontologists have discovered thousands of human dna samples from remains of varying levels of preservation that are dated 5000 or more years old. They have confirmed what fossils had already evidenced quite a long time ago- that human beings have remained almost entirely unchanged since WELL before the creationist (including WT, who misdefines creationism to disinclude themselves) chronology for when the flood supposedly occured. Ergo, absolutely no genetic explanation for why human lifespans before and just after the supposed flood were so much longer than contemporary humans. No record of humans becoming less and less resemblant of their perfect origins as the centuries roll on. While we're at it- not even a single fossil of a human being anywhere in the world that would be large enough to be considered a Nephilim.

    Some here have pondered over how we could actually believe this stuff. I can speak for myself when I say I had some creative, and varyingly plausible explanations for why science didnt confirm any aspect of the flood account.

    1) The chronology was wrong. The flood chronology, like much of Biblical chronology, follows a piecing together of the lifespans of patriarchs and kings who were recorded in the Bible's detailed geneologies. However, throughout the Bible, we quite often see the words father and son refer to relatives much more distant in ancestry. I reasoned that many generations could have been skipped at certain points, leaving room for the possibility that the flood happened much farther in the past.

    2) The flood was not purported to be a natural event. It's purported to be a miracle. If it really was a miracle, then Jehovah had the limitless ability to make the result exactly how he willed the result , even if that result was nothing like we would expect in absense of divine intervention. To project naturalistic results from a miraculous event begins with a false premise and is therefore a strawman argument.

    I'm not saying they're necessarily good rationalizations, but I think that they are better than anything WT ever printed. Which is a pretty sad pattern I've been noticing lately in reexamining why I believed for so long. Little old not-annointed and unassuming me always had better explanations than holy spirit ever gave the GB. Even when mine were wrong, their were always wronger.

  • Finkelstein

    Noah's flood as told in the bible was just another example of how the ancients developed power and relevance to their own specific god(s).

    Another way to confirm that this was fictional story telling is there is no break in ancestral time dating with other civilizations that existed, such as the Egyptian civilization when this expressed mythology was made .

    It is assumable to tell a story and be awed by it but that doesn't mean it is factual in nature but can be inherently fictional, the ancients were very good fictional story tellers

  • JoenB75

    There are some that go for old earth creationism and local flood. But that is probably to read western rationalism into the account. The water relates to baptism and animals are generally seen as obedient to God, the serpent excluded. There are many inducations of a symbolic containt such as talking snake, supernatural trees, vegetarian carnivores, a big boat that could contain a pair of each animal etc. Revelation continues the same covenant cosmotology. There is much symbolism in Scriptures and sometimes it is a real challenge to figure out what is not symbolic.

  • Vidiot

    Yahweh's all about the drama.

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