Flood over everest

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Sure enough. Meeting part Comment on how the flood covered Everest. That is even more ignorant than mountains being pushed up and eroding in a few thousand years. And it wasnt cold either.

    I should have commented on the bristlecone in the awake that survived the flood

  • Finkelstein

    I remember an elder giving a talk about the bible's account of the flood can be substantiated by science in that archaeologists found sea shells on the highest parts of the Himalayas surrounding Everest . True but he didn't mention that the sea shells and fossils were feet thick indicating that the ground was once an ocean floor bed.

    Always expect ignorance with a tinge of corruption from someone who is not well educated .

  • WTWizard

    And I suppose they are going to push the flat earth rubbish next? If it wasn't so blatantly obvious from satellites and people that have flown around the whole earth, they would push that the earth is shaped like a record that only humans can fall off the edge of. The reality is that the plate tectonics theory was resisted by the churches until it became impossible to suppress, and those in the forefront of the science were cut off from funding for not pushing the status quo.

    Ever since its inception, xianity has been about destroying the truth and making up a bunch of lies. Its end goal is to have us all enslaved, and not having the time to do anything but work day and night for reptilians. That is not possible if humans have the real truth--and xianity (islam and judaism, too) all work together for us to all be enslaved. Hence, they need to destroy the truth. I bet that the washtowel cursed Sputnik when it launched in 1957 and conclusively proved that the earth is spherical.

  • waton

    The bible story of Noah,s hydraulic lift to the top of Everest (beating E Hillary to it) is hilarious, and only makes sense, because no hill could have been left worldwide to hide on.

    Jesus made the essential point that Armageddon will be similarly worldwide. No place to hide even under the mountains.

    Other comment:

    water vapor is lighter than air, so it was natural for the water to be up there. (like clouds). yeah, hot air. but 10 km of liquid water vaporized?

    A 20 000 km shell of pre-flood water vapor ? falling in 40 days, 3 stories high each hour everywhere? floating the ice over greenland, antarctica?

    Obviously, It is only in Einstein's time that the weiters / people of the book[s] become interested in exact science.

  • smiddy3

    Whats that weather pattern that causes updrafts over the seas into very high altitudes ,carrys it along for miles and then drops it over land , on mountain tops etc.? Tornadoes would probably do the same thing .

    I don`t suppose JW`s have ever heard of that phenonomen .

  • waton

    Whats that weather pattern

    S3: with 10 km worth of H2O held above us, there would not have been meaningful differential heating on the Earth surface.

    No thermals during an overcast. You can held water aloft by either pressure or orbital velocity like Saturn's rings. either way when it comes down at 30 feet per hour unrelenting for 40 days. your safest place would be above the melee. not in a wooden structure not build to code in the bronze age. impossible. never happened.

    what does that say about the wt faith's foundation for future fables fulfillment? enough f-words.

    How about using the missing water of Mars for that mission. mmmm

  • iwantoutnow

    It has always been said that the earth was much flatter than with small peaks (how stupid), and that the FLOOD waters pushed the mountains up, made the Grand Canyon and yada yada.

    And we all bought into that crap by the way.

  • tiki

    Wasn't it that giant water canopy from Edenic times....when the atmosphere was warm and humid and bright sun didn't shine through as we know today....and then the canopy plopped and submerged earth in massive tons of water and reshaped the geography and altered the geology???

    I personally believe there was a flood in ancient days.....localized however....and speculations as to the topography and changes wrought are just that....speculations.

  • truth_b_known

    Two words: Continental Drift

    ...and that friends is how what was once an ocean floor became the Earth's tallest mountain with seashells. In the immortal words of Jesse Pinkman, "Yeah! Science, Bitches!"

  • Phizzy

    There is another plant that "survived" the Flood, called Kings Lomatia, it is a fresh water plant, and could not survive being in even mildly saline water. It has been around for more than 40,000 years, and the way it propagates itself means that the plant we see today, is, literally the same plant that was around 40,000 years ago.

    Another problem with the idea of the waters covering the highest mountain, is that if I remember right, there simply is not enough water on the Planet to do that ??

    The Flood story is total myth, borrowed from much earlier Flood stories, in many small details.

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