It's Too Late to Return to Jehovah!

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  • ttdtt
    1. Loaf 1: This describes the person who sins against the spirit and commits unforgivable sins and you become stained with toxic dye. You are beyond repair therefore Jehovah WILL throw you into the trash aka the Armageddon bin.

    This one apparently includes - forming Clicks at the hall - not listening to what Elders tell you - and watching gay porn.

    Everything else is ok - you can be forgiven.

  • macys

    All of you have got this all wrong and are not understanding the deeper things of God.

    There are three types of people, represented by the three loaves. It does not matter which loaf you become because according to Jesus in Matt 21:44-45, we must apply the overlapping hybrid olive tree parable. Therefore, if the garlic bread is baked at the proper temperature, it will become crispy and delicious to Jehodah. Now if we apply the eye for an eye scripture found at Exodus 4:8 then at some point in the near future before the Jehonadab class is ruptured into heaven then the sacred secret of the pedophile class will become like touching Jehodah's eye balls and obviously his other balls as well.

    It all makes sense the way this fine brother presented this. You just need to smoke some weed.

  • naazira
    The faithful slave, Governing Body, always provides us with the proper food at the proper time!!!! Do we not appreciate their efforts, friends?
  • Divergent
    Return to serving a monster??? NO WAY!!!
  • Dissonant15
    Lmao, brilliant @macys
  • poopie
    Problem with I'll is that Jehovah dies not just cut out bad part and you will be fine the bread that has Mudd on it is removed by Jehovah then your just regular piece of garlic bread the problem with that pharasical view is people that make mistakes and then change will not feel whole that will feel like bro pharisee just cut them with a knife and left the half dead how foolish when an imperfect man full of garlic try to understand a truly forgiving God
  • diana netherton
    diana netherton
    I thought this was a joke. They are making themselves look more idiotic every day. I would say that the Internet is going to be their downfall, not because of troublemakers like us. It's going to be their own doing. I always suspected this may be the case. I hope I'm around long enough to see it.
  • Fisherman

    (It just dawned on me how old brett looks in the video.) In all fairness though, the video is not actually about it being too late to return to Jehovah.

    The garbage in the video alludes to Gehenah and WT says that only JHV sees the heart not the WT and it is he that can put someone there not the WT, but the garbage (gehena) is a warning because the danger to be thrown there exists -at least that is what Jesus says in the NT not the WT-and the NT gives specific examples of such sin.The sin is rejecting evidence from God, his Holy Spirit which was evident as Jesus showed, namely the maliciousness of the Pharisees, etc.The exact same evidence exists today. Anyone who fights against God's Holy Spirit, solid proof from God must answer to God, face Gehena. That is what the video is about. I may add that Jehovah is a God that is very peculiar about vengeance, particularly towards those who make trouble for his friends. The Bible records how Jehovah curses and plagues and becomes at war with and even exterminates any entity that threatens or causes any harm whatsoever to his friends. That is from the Bible not from the WT,

  • steve2

    Well that's the loaves dealt to but where the hell are the fishes??

    Anyway, I have no choice but to firmly reject all three loaves, stained or otherwise - and its got nothing to do with the gluten.

    I am simpy bad-metaphor intolerant.

  • DesirousOfChange

    So how do you watch this JW tv? If I do will i get some kind of virus?

    The broadcasts have made quite a few people sick, but I don't think it's viral.


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