Worst Fire in California history

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  • 3rdgen
    DAYS OF FUTURE: I know what you mean about the smoke. Hubby and my allergies kicked up something fierce for many weeks. The ash stays on the plants even after the smoke clears.
  • 3rdgen

    HI GIRL: Glad to know you're ok and picture where you live. My daughter and Fiance' live in LA near Glendale. Maybe we can meet someday. Annnd there's the Tahoefest next summer. It would be so cool if you could come.

  • 3rdgen

    OMG Now there are 23 confirmed fatalities.

  • flipper

    As of today, 42 total fatalities just in the Camp fire in Paradise, California. More and more remains of victims are being discovered. It's the deadliest fire EVER that's been in California history as far as people dying in fires AND the most homes and businesses destroyed. Over 6,000 homes destroyed and 260 or so businesses gone. The town of Paradise is 95 % gone. On a brighter note KCRA Sacramento News fundraiser as of last night has raised $ 1, 250, 650 for the victims with over 3, 500 people with many in our collective towns and cities donating to help these families out to get necessities they need. Last I checked the fire is 30 % contained, may have gone up this morning. These poor victims lives are changed forever, and the PTSD they'll go through escaping with their lives intact, will haunt them for the rest of their lives. If you are religious- say a prayer for these victims, if you aren't religious please send positive thoughts and love on behalf of these victims. Peace out, Mr.Flipper


    Hello. Haven't been here in awhile...quite awhile. I'm a Chicoan, have lived in Paradise and now live about 15 mins north of Chico. Go into town everyday to check my p.o. box and was there this morning. Air is definitely bad...mask time if you're outside. Anyway just wanted to mention I have two friends who have lost their homes and everything. I'm waiting for the release of the names of the confirmed casualties to see if I lost any friends. The outpouring of generosity and help has been incredible.

    As someone mentioned the JDubbs have not opened their doors for their "worldly" neighbors, as the churches have done, and may not have even helped their own...not sure on that. I would imagine the Paradise Hall went up in smoke...if it didn't it was a miracle of Jehovah. If it did, just some more of Satan's attempts to stop the preaching work and persecute Big J's peeps. Still have occasional run-ins with them when they mistakenly come to my door. Just recently had them running for the road when I introduced them to things they never heard before...U.N....Child molestation...flip flop doctrines etc.

    Don't post much because I'd like to think it was just a bad dream. My life is so much better without them although my daughter still shuns me and I have never seen my only grandchild, a girl, now 2 years old. My only fam is my son with whom I have a great relationship.

    Since I'm here...Hello to Flipper. Wasanelder...Are you from Chico? Prob know some of the same JW players....Also, 3rdgen, I think you said you were from Redding. I spent my early years there and we might know some of the same...Parkers, Erwins (might be Irwin), Niehoff, Wood, Dalke, prob others. It's fun to catch up and see if anyone else escaped.

  • redvip2000
    If you are religious- say a prayer for these victims

    a prayer to ask for what. God was looking at them burning alive, and decided to hold waiting for prayers.

    Anyway truly sad. I think not to long ago somewhere in Europe there were dozens of people die in a fire, inside their cars bumper to bumper after getting stuck in one road.

  • Finkelstein

    If summers are going to be hotter and longer now expect this to happen more often .

    .......but there is no such thing as global warming.

  • Dagney

    Greetings 3rdgen. What a week. So happy to see your name pop up. We need to catch up sometime with a glass of wine.

    Maybe sometime when you are down visiting your daughter! I'm in Long Beach.

    Love to you and hubby. xxxx

  • Listener

    Nice to hear from you Bonezz. It's awful to hear that you haven't seen your own grandchild. You would think that the devastating fires close by would make your daughter rethink her own stupidity.

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    I'm in the woods near Wasa, BONEZZ, 3rdgen, and Flipper. We always have had rain starting in October. This year is different. We're all trying to keep our anxiety in check while our to-go bags are packed and at the ready. This time last year we had to evacuate at 5:00 a.m.

    Paradise and Magalia were childhood vacation spots for me and friends.

    Blessings and peace to all.


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