Worst Fire in California history

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    BONEZZ- Really great to hear from you via this thread man. I hope you're hanging in there down near Chico. I'm so sorry a couple of your friends lost their homes and everything. I'm also very sorry to hear your JW daughter still shuns you after all these years. Same with me my friend- my daughters have shunned me for 15 years now , I also have a 3 year old grandson ( my only granchild ) I'm not allowed to see or get to know. I know how much it hurts. My 2 adult JW daughters still shun me , but fortunately like yourself I have a great relationship with my EX-JW son. All we can have is hope buddy that our daughters will change someday. As long as there's life- there's hope. Good hearing from you, stay strong.

    COCO- Thanks for the links and the beautiful , albeit sad picture of the couple hugging on what used to be their home. It really brings home how terrible this fire disaster is in Paradise, only 25 to 45 air miles from us. Hang in there buddy and keep your go-bags ready. Mrs. Flipper and I have been clearing any pine needles furiously away from our house, wetting everything down, and haven't even been burning any wood stove fires indoors just to be extra safe. These disasters make us paranoid up here in the woods, but it's better to be cautious and paranoid about reality of fire danger than live in a bubble of delusion thinking it couldn't happen to us- because it can. You found out how close fires can come last year near your property. Take care friend and be safe, wear your mask, protect your lungs. Peace out, hang in there, Mr. Flipper

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, Mr. Flipper, for the good thoughts and support. Wishing you and the missus well.

    You're welcome, too, for the information. Likewise, clients have been having me do clearing for them. Ironic that reports on the reality of the so-called new abnormal have acknowledged that, when the wind comes roaring through, it's all but a lost cause.

    Take care, friend.


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    Omigoodness -- CC I had no idea so many of you were hangin' on in this fire country -- feel so bad for all of you - Wasa BONEZZ, 3RDGEN, FLIPPER and you CC! Think you boys should think about headin' to the state of NV - for sure it's not beautiful, California. If we have fires they're only at Mt. Charleston - our tall mountain, ski, area. Just be safe and ready to get out once word comes. California is becoming an inferno. I'll turn the news on and catch up re/your area -- and my LA area.

    Keep care you guys - hopefully, the gov't is ready to help out.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, LV101, for your kind words.

    It is scary, never allowed to let our guard down. Fire was once a seasonal thing; now, it's year-round. Last year, the narrow roads out of our gated community were jammed; many were unaware of an alternate route. Since that time, there have been awareness drills. My first thought was to run down the road to the open spaces of the golf course.

    Take care of yourself, dear friend!



  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Look at the "news" on JW..... Not a mention of anything. Not even a plea for funds to help. Anyone try JW talk? That youtube was sobering.

  • zeb

    My sympathies to all.

    We too live in a savage country.

    re news from the borg.

    Dont expect the gb to notice anything while they live in their temporary paradise.**

    When the kh in nsw was bombed and jw all over Oz sent in money the gb didnt know what to do with it. Sending in money then was a phenomenon un known to them.. (yes they do now but that is another story.) It was meant tobe shared out to the victims present.. btw.

    ** Perhaps a massive fire at the new Bethel that leaves them in ashes might wake them up

    and my undying respect and sympathies go to the fire crews the police and water bombers who face a awesome task in the present and in the aftermath.

  • Balaamsass2

    Kingdom Hall, 7874 Skyway; Paradise, California 95969 Per Cal Fire, today

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    I got a phone call a couple of hours ago to set up a service call for a Peterbuilt truck mounted with a vacuum unit at the Skyway Base Camp. As I am the outside road service provider for local Peterbuilt truck dealer. I don't think the service call will develop as the problem is in the vacuum unit which has it own specialized software package.

    Those fire camps are very interesting, I have been to many. Last month I went to the Delta Fire camp in McCloud. For the purpose of heating and bending down bridge plate bent by a Cat track 'grouser". The bridge was privately owned I was told by the guy who owned the Oakland "Athletics" baseball club. The owner was due into this forest retreat [built by the Schilling seasoning family] [next to the Patty Hearst retreat on the private McCloud River] that evening and the USFS did not want to chance he would damage a tire. This was two days after the Athletics lost to the Yankee's, the guy probably in a foul mood.

    The bridge was down about 9 miles into the USFS forest. It was absolutely beautiful creek. The Hearst compound and the other compounds are legendary retreats, for the natural beauty of forest and pristine wild river.

    The Delta Fire base camp was at an old saw mill in McCloud. A big building, but there were other buildings as big but now torn down. Evidently that saw mill supplied the lumber to rebuild San Francisco from the earthquake and fire, a century ago. The glory days of logging.

    Just some local trivia.


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    Now the morning news had the latest updates : Fire is now about 150,000 acres, it is 55 % contained- however - 71 people have been found dead and over 1,000 people still missing. Over 10,000 residences and commercial buildings were destroyed. The number of dead will continue to rise as cadaver dogs and search teams go systematically through the rubble of thousands of destroyed buildings.

    On a more positive note many businesses in our little town about 35 to 40 miles away in the mountains have become proactive in sending trucks with huge amounts of clothing, bottled water, warm socks, blankets, food, etc. for the almost 30,000 or so people who are homeless and destitute right now. Many communities are coming together doing everything all of us can do to assist these fire victims. Please keep these folks in your prayers or thoughts. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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