Worst Fire in California history

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  • Biahi

    3rdgen and girl next door, maybe you are neighbors!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Been through forest fires in North FL back in 2007. Our hearts go out to all who are going through this. Stay safe. Still Totally ADD

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    I sent a $1,000 to the JW's burnt out in the Happy Valley fire, didn't even get a thank you card.

    Offered a nice house for the Carr Fire. Son said he would present offer to Disaster Relief Committee. No reply.

    They will take a apostates money.

  • flipper

    3RDGEN - I know how much you and your husband and all the folks in Redding suffered. It's a horrific, life changing experience to go through. THanks for posting this thread. You guys take care.

    WASANELDER- As you know air miles wise Mrs. Flipper and me aren't too far from where you are- just further up the hill. Our family knew some people in this little town and area as we used to visit frequently and we've heard that one of our friends and his dad's property of 40 acres burned on the southern flank of the fire in Butte Valley, but they were able to save all their outbuildings and homes because they did aggressive fire prevention action early this summer by weed eating outlying areas all around their home and buildings. So they were able to put the fires out on the property. We are glad they are safe- however the news this morning said about 38 people are still missing and 9 confirmed dead. Fire is at 100,000 acres and 20 % contained , which is better than yesterday, but some winds are expected to kick up Sunday. Firefighters have to get as much upper hand on this flame today as they can while winds are calm.

    But oh my god- over 6,000 homes almost 300 businesses destroyed, it just breaks your heart for all these victims. Channel 3 news out of Sacramento is having a telethon for donations to the fire victims on Monday so I hope lots of people can donate to these poor folks experiencing this.

    I wish you the best Wasanelder, stay inside when you can, protect your lungs. We are about 45 to 50 air miles from you up the hill, air isn't real bad like the valley. Stay safe my friend, everybody burn a candle for these victims and everybody STAY fire safe ! This can and has happened to anybody, anywhere in California right now. Just one slip up from P.G. & E. or some idiot camper or smoker dropping a lit match will destroy towns, example in Paradise. Horrendous fire hazards right now. WE need rain in the worst way. Hang in there everybody, Flipper

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    flipper how right you about a smoker throwing a match away. Back in 2004 we had to leave our house in the middle of the night because someone threw their cigarette out their car window and started a massive fire in our area. After it was all over we drove down the road where the fire started. You could see the exact spot it landed and the fire V'ed out right into the woods. Everyone be safe fire is no th8ng to play with. You all take care. Still Totally ADD

  • flipper

    TOTALLY ADD- You are so correct my friend. Fire can happen anywhere so fast. This town of Paradise burned up so fast in just about 12 to 16 hours on Thursday. People trying to escape with their lives. There was one experience of a man trying to escape who had to get out of his truck as it was catching fire and a lady he never had met was picking up strangers in her truck, she had 8 in the back of her truck and yelled to him to " get in !"

    And this lady drove him and 8 others down into the valley to Chico to safety some 25 miles away. Incredible acts of caring & bravery with people helping each other.

    Some were not so lucky though. My son sent me this video from someone he knew who posted an online video of the devastation , death, and destruction that happened at the end of a road where- believe it or not- 6 years ago my son and his wife used to live. They moved from this area 5 years ago , so they are very sad at the plight of their former neighbors. This video is graphic in showing burnt out cars, some deceased who didn't make it , so if it bothers you to watch, don't watch. However this man in the video's nephew posted this to portray the reality of the death and destruction that happened. Very sobering and makes people think of staying fire safe :


  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I'm just in the bay area and my cat came in. He smells like he had been sitting in a fireplace. I don't have a mask but I have to run out for something. Wonder if there is any to buy still.

  • 3rdgen

    Hi everyone,

    Just back from work, couldn't answer till now.

    BIAHI: I think the Girl next Door lives farther South from me. You see there have been at least 3 record-breaking destructive fires recently in our State as well as countless smaller ones.

  • 3rdgen

    TOTALLY ADD: Thanks for your kind thoughts. We had it easy compared to the Town of Paradise.

    FLIPPER: Hi Friend! Thanks for your post. Wow, I'm so glad Mr. and Mrs. FLipper Jr. were not affected. What an amazing Video. There have been so many harrowing accounts of people barely escaping with their lives.

    Can you imagine the young school children have no schools? Only the High school survived. Where will they go?There is virtually no Downtown. No supermarket, no drug stores, veterinarian, What do they come home to?

    My hairdresser lost her home and possessions even the swimming pool in the Carr fire in July. They STILL cant start rebuilding after 7 inspections. They will be living in a camper for over a year!

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Yeah I’m in the Foothill Cities area of Los Angeles.

    We had horrid air today from the smoke and ash. Hard to complain considering the loss so many just had.

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